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Import Face Off Car Show & Drag Races - Gainesville, FL
Pictures, videos, & visitor info from the Import Face Off car show and drag racing series held at Gainesville Raceway.

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Paul B. Michaels
Author & Photographer
Auto Mechanic Since 1989

Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-001 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-002 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-003
The Import Face Off drag racing and car show series just made a tour stop at the Gainesville Raceway in Alachua County, Florida on October 10th, 2010.

We got there early when the gates opened just after 9 AM to get a good parking spot for my friend's race car. Officially, the Import Face Off event began at 11 AM and ended at 6 PM.

Spectators were charged $17 to enter the event or just $15 by presenting an official flyer or one printed from the IFO website.

The fee for car show contestants, competition drag racers and test & tune drag racers was $30.

Only import vehicles or sport compacts are allowed in the competition classes while any make or model car, truck or motorcycle can run in the "Test & Tune" class.

Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-004 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-005 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-006
Some of the major features of the Import Face Off series of events include 1/4 mile drag racing, a car/truck/motorcycle show, the USACI (United States Autosound Competition International) crank it up stereo system contest, a burnout contest, raffles, prize giveaways, DJs spinning music, local vendors, promo models, live midget wrestling, and a bikini contest.
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-007 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-008 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-009
Drag racers at an IFO event are split up into the following classes: FWD (Front Wheel Drive), FIP (Forced Induction Pro), FIPS (Forced Induction Sport), All Motor Pro, All Motor Sport, Outlaw, and Bracket. Any group of four or more racers also has the option of creating their own drag racing class by contacting the event organizers at 225-247-7223.
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-010 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-011 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-012
Some of the sponsors of this event included Hybrid Racing, Lightning Motosports, Secret Services, SPEC, AutoWorks, Central Performance, TDC, KillerGlass, Import Tuner Magazine, Super Street Magazine, Performance Auto & Sound, FusionWorks Racing, Humble Performance, JT Autosports, The FOAT, and NOS Energy Drinks.
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-013 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-014 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-015
A few of the other cities on the Import Face Off tour include Houston, Texas; Tucson, Arizona; Shreveport, Louisiana; Commerce, Georgia; Noble, Oklahoma; Kansas City, Missouri; Montgomery, Alabama; Epping, New Hampshire; Kent, Washington; Crofton, Maryland; Pueblo, Colorado; Wichita, Kansas; Columbus, Ohio; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Las Vegas, Nevada.
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-016 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-017 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-018

Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-019 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-020 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-021
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-022 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-023 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-024
During the show, I captured dozens of short video clips of the car drag racing, motorcycle drag races and the burnout contest. I edited them together into three short movies. To view the videos, click on the blue links below. To download the file to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Import Face Off Drag Racing Video - Import Face Off Motorcycle Drag Races - Import Face Off Burnout Contest

Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-025 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-026 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-027
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-028 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-029 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-030
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-031 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-032 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-033
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-034 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-035 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-036
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-037 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-038 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-039
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-040 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-041 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-042
Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-043 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-044 Import-Face-Off-Car-Show-Drag-Races-Gainesville-FL-045
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