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Santa Fe River Canoeing - High Springs, FL
Pictures, a video clip & visitor info from a canoe ride on the Santa Fe River in High Springs, Alachua County, Florida.

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Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-001 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-002 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-003
One of the most popular recreational activities on the Sante Fe River is boating, whether it be with a canoe, kayak or fishing boat.

We first stopped off at the Santa Fe Canoe Outpost to ask where we could launch our Sevylor Tahiti K79 Classic inflatable kayak.

They directed us to the High Springs Boat Ramp where we quickly discovered that the kayak had a leaky valve.

So we instead went back to Santa Fe Canoe Outpost and rented one of their canoes and two paddles for the day.

Santa Fe Canoe Outpost is located at 2025 NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs, FL 32643. To reach the staff by phone, call (386) 454-2050.

Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-004 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-005 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-006
The highlight of the experience was seeing the abundance of wildlife that resides in or near the Santa Fe River including Florida Cooter turtles, Great Blue Herons, Florida Alligators, and various other birds.
High Springs Boat Ramp
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-008 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-009
Sevylor Tahiti Kayak
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-010 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-011 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-012
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-013 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-014
Canoe Outpost Locations
Santa Fe River
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-017 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-018
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-019 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-020 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-021
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-022 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-023 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-024
Great Blue Heron

Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-025 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-026 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-027
Florida Cooter Turtle
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-028 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-029 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-030
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-031 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-032 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-033
While paddling our canoe down the Santa Fe River, I also captured a few short video clips and edited them together into a short movie. To view or "stream" the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Santa Fe River Canoeing Video Clip - High Springs, FL

Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-034 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-035 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-036
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-037 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-038 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-039
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-040 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-041 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-042
Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-043 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-044 Sante-Fe-River-High-Springs-Florida-045

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