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Pacsafe TravelSafe 12L Anti-Theft Travel Gear Review
A consumer's opinion of the Pacsafe TravelSafe 12L locking security bag with detailed pictures and usage guide.

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Pacsafe TravelSafe 12L

Product Description

As I mentioned in my review of the Pacsafe TravelSafe 100, we're departing on a trip soon to several countries.

I was concerned about being able to keep our small electronics, passports, and cash safe from theft. Especially since we'll be staying in a variety of hotels, hostels and vacation rentals that will most likely not have in-room safes.

After some online research, I discovered that the Pacsafe brand of "anti-theft travel gear" were the best solution to alleviate my worries.

Pacsafe has an eclectic variety of bags, purses, backpacks, luggage, hip packs and wallets on their site.

Since we already have our own luggage and backpacks, I chose the TravelSafe 100 and the TravelSafe 12L.

TravelSafe 12L In Backpack
eXomesh Anti-Theft Mesh
TravelSafe 12L Rolled Up
I plan on using the smaller TravelSafe 100 to protect our passports, compact cameras, extra cash, backup credit cards, phones and GPS unit.

Then I'll hide the larger TravelSafe 12L in a different part of the hotel room or rental car with our two Acer netbook computers and a Canon S5 IS "ultra zoom" digital camera.

TravelSafe 12L Laid Flat
Steel Cable, Lock, 3 Keys
Interior Of TravelSafe
The Pacsafe TravelSafe 12L feels very sturdy and well built yet it's remarkably light weight for its size.

I'm glad that the padlock comes with three keys rather than just the customary two keys.

I'll leave one key at home with a family member, give another to a traveling companion and keep the last one for myself.

Strong Polycarbonate Plastic
TravelSafe 12L Closed
Padlock & 3 Keys Included
Also included with the Pacsafe TravelSafe 12L are a warranty card, product registration card, an instruction guide pamphlet and a little booklet that explains the various anti-theft features of the product.

Some of the features detailed in the booklet are the eXomesh steel wire mesh, "Slashguard panels", slash proof belts & straps, snatch proof anchor clips & locks, and tamper proof zippers & compartments.

Acer 10.1" & Toshiba 15.4"
Laptops In Neoprene Sleeves
Laptops On TravelSafe 12L
We're going to take a 10.1" Acer Aspire One netbook and also an 11.6" Acer Aspire AS1410-2285 notebook computer on the trip.

The label on the Pacsafe TravelSafe 12L claims that it can fit up to a 15.4" laptop, which is exactly the size of my old Toshiba A105.

Sliding In 15.4" Notebook
Inserting 10.1" Netbook
Laptop & Netbook Inside
I first put my 15.4" Toshiba A105 into its protective neoprene sleeve and then slid it into the TravelSafe 12L.

It fit perfectly but was slightly snug. It would have gone in very easily without the padded neoprene sleeve.

Then I slid the 10.1" Acer netbook on top of it, also encased inside a neoprene sleeve.

The pouch is deep enough to allow the top to be cinched close even with two laptops inside of it.

Two Computers Secured
TravelSafe Secured To Trunk
Tucked To The Side
After I was done testing out the capacity of the Pacsafe TravelSafe 12L, I moved outside to try locking it up in the trunk of my GM Pontiac Grand Prix.

The best place to wrap the high tensile steel security cable around is the STB (strut tower brace) bar located in the rear of the trunk. 

Hidden By Common Cooler
Attached To STB Bar
Laptop Lock & TravelSafe
For an extra layer of security, I thought about hiding the TravelSafe 12L behind or even inside of a common Coleman food and beverage cooler.

You could also install a latch on the cooler and lock that up as well for even more security.

Extra Security Measure
Two Steel Cables
14.1" Laptop & S5 Camera
I also have two Kensington style laptop locks for our netbooks, which I plan on attaching to the security slots on the computers before inserting them into the Pacsafe TravelSafe 12L.

This will force a thief to cut through all three steel cables before the bag can be removed from our hotel room or rental car.

Canon S5 IS & 14.1"
Canon S5 IS & SD1000
2 Cameras & Toshiba 14.1"
Overall, I'm very pleased with the Pacsafe TravelSafe 12L and I feel confident that it will prevent our valuables from being stolen in a wide range of situations.

From what I've read, most property thefts occur in only a few seconds since the majority of  petty criminals are opportunistic and neither have the desire or tools to deal with more complicated targets.

TravelSafe 12L Closed
Medium Camera Bag Inserted
Three Camera Bags Inside
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