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Honda Accord Key Fob Remote Battery Replacement Guide
How to fix a Honda Accord key fob remote control by cleaning the protective dielectric grease from the battery or replacing it.

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2009 Honda Accord Key Fob
One Tiny Screw On Back
Screwdrivers & Pliers
This automotive "how-to" guide was specifically written to assist owners of the 8th generation (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012) Honda Accord in fixing an intermittently working key fob remote control.

Owners of other Honda or Acura vehicles such as the Civic, CR-V, Element, Fit, Insight, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline, RL, TL, TSX, ZDX, MDX, and RDX may also find this guide to be useful.

We recently noticed that the combination car key and keyless entry remote control for our 2009 Honda Accord was not working well.

It seemed like the signal was weak and the little red LED indicator light on the remote was alternating between being dimly lit or not lit at all.

I read online that the problem lies with a bit of dielectric grease placed on the battery by the manufacturer that can sometimes prevent it from making good contact with the remote's circuit board.

A replacement coin cell (A.K.A. "button" or "watch") battery is part number CR1616 from various manufacturers such as Panasonic, Energizer, Duracell and Sony.

Removing Fob Screw
Blue Loctite On Screw
Tiny Screw Removed
Since the original batteries in the key fob remote controls of my nearly ten year old 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix still work, I figured that I would try opening up the Honda Accord remote and cleaning the battery before bothering to buy a new one.

To remove the one screw on the back of the Honda Accord key fob, you'll need a tiny # 0 Philips head screwdriver. A jeweler's screwdriver kit should contain one of these.

The screw is secured in the remote with blue "medium strength" Loctite Threadlocker adhesive.

If you attempt to remove the screw with a screwdriver that doesn't fit perfectly, you run the risk of stripping the screw.

If necessary, you may need to secure the key fob and apply plenty of downward pressure and torque to remove the screw without stripping it.

Remove Back Cover
Pop Out Remote Control
Pry Retaining Clip
Once the screw is removed, pop off the back cover and remove the square remote control unit.

To open the remote control unit, gently pry apart the black plastic retaining clip located above the large "Lock" key on the remote.

Remote Opened
Electrical Contacts
"-" Side of Battery
Open the remote control unit and separate the two pieces.

You should immediately notice some clear dielectric grease on the "-" terminal of the Panasonic CR1616 3V watch battery.

Pry out the battery with a small flathead screwdriver.


Pry Out Coin Battery
Panasonic CR 1616 3V
Cleaning Grease Off
To help establish a better connection between the battery and the remote control circuit board, wipe off the grease from the battery with a tissue or a Q-Tip.

Then very gently clean the four raised metal contact prongs with another cotton Q-Tip.

Once everything is clean, re-assemble the square remote control unit and test it.

If the small red LED light illuminates brightly when you press the buttons, you should be good to go.

If the light is still dim or doesn't light up at all, double check the polarity of the battery or replace the battery with a new CR1616 3V coin battery.

Q-Tip Cleaning Contacts
Testing Key Fob Remote
It Works Again!
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