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Faux BBQ Memphis Dry Rub Pressure Cooker Pork Ribs Recipe
How to prepare faux barbeque pork ribs with a Memphis style dry spice rub using a pressure cooker & an oven broiler.

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3 Pounds Pork Loin Back Ribs
Publix $4.99 per LB
Back Of Rib Rack
For my latest experiment with preparing pork ribs, I decided to try applying a Memphis style dry spice rub mixture during the final step rather than using any type of traditional barbeque sauce.

The last few racks of ribs that I've cooked using the "low and slow" method in the oven and also on a propane gas grill all turned out great but each took at least a few hours to complete.

I wanted to be able to prepare tasty pork ribs with "fall off the bone" tender meat in much less time. Fortunately, this recipe can be completed in as little 35 minutes.

I gathered up my Fagor 4 QT pressure cooker, a large pan, 3 lbs of pork loin back ribs, some vegetable oil, a bottle of liquid smoke and a variety of spices for the Memphis dry rub.

Remove Thin Membrane
Membrane Layers Removed
Vegetable Oil In Pan
My first step was to pour a small amount of vegetable oil (olive oil is fine too) into a large pan and turn the burner up to medium heat. Then I took the ribs out of their packages and removed the thin membrane that covers the underside of the ribs using a butter knife.
Cut Into Smaller Portions
Browning Ribs In Pan
Brown 2 Minutes Per Side
I cut the racks of ribs into smaller portions of two to three ribs each and tossed a few of them into the large pan. Browning the ribs for about two minutes on each side in the pan with some oil helps to create a flavorful crust.
Prepare Pressure Cooker
Brown Other Side of Ribs
Ribs Browned Well
While the ribs were browning, I poured in a half cup of water and some Liquid Smoke into the pressure cooker and turned the burner on to get it warmed up in preparation for pressure cooking the ribs. You can also add some chopped up onions and garlic for some extra flavor. Avoid adding anything that contains salt into the pressure cooker since the salt will draw the moisture out of the rib meat and make them tough.
1/2 Cup Water & Liquid Smoke
Mix Liquid Smoke In Water
Ribs In Pressure Cooker
I arranged the browned ribs inside the pressure cooker in such a way so that they were mostly sitting outside of the 1/2 cup of water at the bottom of the pan. Then I turned up the burner to "High" and waited for the little yellow pressure indicator on the pressure cooker lid to pop up before lowering the burner down to "Medium" for the 15 minutes cooking time.
Gather Spices For Rub
Sugar, Garlic, Chili, Pepper
Celery Salt, Onion, Allspice
As the pressure cooker was hissing, I measured out about a 1/4 teaspoon of all the spices in the pictures above to create my own Memphis Style spice rub mixture using a combination of various recipes I found online. The spices I used included salt, brown sugar, oregano, onion powder, allspice, coriander, paprika, cumin, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder, mustard powder, garlic powder, and celery salt.
Pressure Cook - 15 Minutes
Pressure Cooker @ 15 PSI
Add Spices To Bowl
After all the spices were in the bowl, I mixed them together and crushed any clumps with a small fork. Memphis style pork ribs are also usually prepared with a vinegar based "mop" in addition to the dry spice rub to help keep the ribs tender and moist during the smoking process. Since my ribs were being cooked in a pressure cooker with super heated steam infused with liquid smoke, a mop wasn't necessary to keep the meat from drying out.


Memphis Dry Rub Mixture
Wire Rack, Pan, & PAM
Ribs After Pressure Cooking
There were only a few minutes left on the timer until the pressure cooking part of this process was complete, so I prepared a wire rack by applying some Pam cooking spray to keep the ribs from sticking to the rack. I placed a large baking pan under the wire rack to catch any fat that might drip off the ribs when they are broiled in the oven. I also turned the oven on to the "Broil" setting to get it pre-heated up for the final step.
Ribs Ready For Dry Rub
Coat Ribs In Memphis Rub
Memphis Dry Rub On Ribs
I allowed some of the water on the ribs to drip off as I moved them from the pressure cooker to the wire rack and allowed them to cool for a minute. Then I rolled the pressure cooked rib portions in the bowl with the Memphis style dry rub spice mix to evenly coat them with plenty of spicy goodness and placed them back on the wire rack. If you don't like really spicy food, I'd recommend adding less pepper to the spice rub and shake or brush off any excess dry rub from the ribs before broiling them in the oven.
Broil One Side 5 Minutes
Pork Ribs Under Broiler
Caramelizing & Crisping
The final step is to broil the ribs on each side for about 5 minutes to caramelize the brown sugar in the Memphis dry rub mixture and create a very tasty crispy outer layer on the ribs. After the 10 minutes of broiling the ribs, I removed them from the oven and allowed them to cool for a minute since they were still sizzling.
Flip Ribs & Broil 5 Minutes
Faux-BBQ-Memphis-Dry-Rub-Pressure-Cooker-Ribs-032 Faux-BBQ-Memphis-Dry-Rub-Pressure-Cooker-Ribs-033
Faux BBQ Ribs Ready!
We really enjoyed eating these "faux" BBQ ribs since the meat was very tender and juicy with the Memphis style dry rub adding a complicated and multi-faceted explosion of spicy flavor to each bite. Some side dishes that would go well with this recipe include baked beans, coleslaw, macaroni salad, celery with blue cheese, and potato salad.
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