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Buffalo Chicken Wings - Oven Vs. BBQ Grill
A pictures illustrated guide to creating both oven baked and gas barbecue grilled Buffalo style chicken hot wings.

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Publix Drummettes

2lbs of Chicken Wings
McCormick Seasoning Mix


While browsing the spice aisle at our local Publix supermarket, I spotted a packet of McCormick Original Buffalo Wings Seasoning and decided to try cooking up some tasty hot wings.

Instead of buying the whole chicken wings, I opted for two of the drumettes only packages. So I saved myself the hassle of cutting the wings into pieces and I prefer the meaty drumettes anyway.

The chicken was priced at $3.99 a pound and the two lbs contained about 20 wings total.

I decided to split the 20 wings into two sets of 10 and prepare half by baking them in the oven and grilling the other half on the propane gas powered barbeque.

Both the Publix label and the McCormick seasoning packet listed baking or grilling as preparation options so I wanted to see which would taste the best.

Preheat Oven 450 F
Buffalo Wings Instructions
Buffalo Wing Seasoning Mix
First I turned the oven on to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and fired up the BBQ grill to get them both preheated. Then I washed, rinsed, and patted dry the chicken wing drummettes. Next I tossed the slightly moist wings into a plastic bag with the McCormick Buffalo Wings seasoning mix until they were well coated on all sides with the spicy mixture.
Chicken Wing Drummettes
Shake Wings In Seasoning
Arrange On Aluminum Foil

The seasoning mix packet suggested that the wings be baked for 25-30 minutes or grilled for 15-20 minutes. I arranged half the pieces on an aluminum foil wrapped rack and placed them in the oven first, then I waited a few minutes, and put the other half on the grill's secondary platform a few extra inches away from the burners on medium flame.

Ready For The BBQ Grill
Wings Arranged On Grill
Crispy Grill Marks

After 20 minutes I grabbed my tongs and removed the wings that were on the BBQ. They were sizzling, had nice grill marks and seemed to be very crispy yet not overdone. A few minutes later the oven timer went off and I removed the other set of wings. The oven baked wings weren't as crisp looking since they had been sitting in their own juices but were still very appetizing.

Grilled Wings Nearly Done
Oven Baked Wings
25-30 Minutes @ 450 F

Below you can see the final result of this oven baked versus BBQ grilled buffalo chicken wing competition. For a quick and easy experience with minimal clean up, I'd recommend using your gas grill. I think that the oven baked wings would have fared much better if I had suspended them over a baking pan with a wire rack so that their grease would have dripped away creating a much crispier skin. For an even better method, check out my Alton Brown's Steamed & Baked Chicken Wings page, which was inspired by "The Wing and I" episode from the show Good Eats which airs on the Food Network.

Oven-Baked-Grilled-Buffalo-Chicken-Wings-016 Oven-Baked-Grilled-Buffalo-Chicken-Wings-017
Blackened Wings On Grill
Oven Baked Wings Done

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