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Busse Woods - Ned Brown Forest Preserve - Cook County, IL
Pictures & visitor information from a trip to the Busse Woods recreational area in the Ned Brown Forest Preserve.

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The Busse Woods Nature Preserve is a 437 acre recreational attraction located within the 3,700 acre Ned Brown Forest Preserve.

The Ned Brown Forest Preserve encompasses a large part of northwestern Cook county in the "Chicagoland" area of Illinois.

It is bordered by I-290, I-90, Golf Road, Arlington Heights Rd., and Biesterfield Road. The northern and southern halves of the preserve are bisected by Higgins Road (IL-72).

The trip from downtown Chicago to Busse Woods is about 28 miles and takes approximately 40 minutes. It's well worth the trip for the variety of recreational opportunities that are available.

We visited the park during Memorial Day Weekend on a Saturday afternoon. Even on a holiday weekend, there was still plenty of (free) parking.

Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0004 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0005 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0006
Some of the fun activities that can be enjoyed at Busse Woods include bicycling, hiking, walking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing (permit required), row boating, sail boating, picnicking, bird watching, wildlife photography, kite flying and R/C (remote control) model airplane flying.
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0007 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0008
Canada Geese
A few of the winter time recreational activities that take place in the Ned Brown Forest Preserve are cross country skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, ice fishing, snow ball fights, and snowman building.
Canada Goose Eating
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0011 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0012
One of the biggest attractions at the Busse Woods are the extensive bike trails. The main "Busse Woods Trail" is 11.2 miles long but you can ride your bicycle about twenty miles if you explore all the extra legs that branch off the principal path. Be wary of others since the trail is shared by walkers, joggers, strollers, rollerbladers and runners.
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0013 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0014 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0015
Another popular feature of the Busse Woods is the 14 acre elk herd enclosure located at the intersection of Higgins Rd (IL-72) and Arlington Heights Road. If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the elk out in the open field. They spend most of their time in the heavily forested area of their fenced in reserve. White tailed deer have often been spotted in this area as well.
Bike/Walk/Jog/Dog Trail
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0017 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0018
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0019 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0020 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0021

Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0022 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0023
Mallard Duck
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0025 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0026 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0027
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0028 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0029 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0030
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0031 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0032 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0033
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0034 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0035 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0036
Busse Lake
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0038 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0039
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0040 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0041 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0042
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0043 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0044 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0045
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0046 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0047 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0048
Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0049 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0050 Busse-Woods-Cook-County-IL-0051
Elk Herd Enclosure
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