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Chicago Aerial Photographs
Pictures of downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan from the airplane window while landing at O'hare Intl. Airport.

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Chicago-Skyline-Aerial-Photos-001 Chicago-Skyline-Aerial-Photos-002 Chicago-Skyline-Aerial-Photos-003
For my first visit to Chicago, I requested a window seat so that I could snap some aerial pictures with my digital camera.

Upon hearing that we were about to begin our descent into Chicago's O'hare International Airport (ORD), I turned on my Canon Powershot SD110 and snapped this series of pictures.

In the pictures above you can see Lake Michigan, the Chicago River, and Millennium Park.

Also visible are the areas that contains the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium & Underground Adventure, and also the Museum of Science & Industry including OmniMax.

If you're familiar with this city you can also pick out "The Loop", which is the financial and business part of downtown Chicago.

Chicago-Skyline-Aerial-Photos-004 Chicago-Skyline-Aerial-Photos-005 Chicago-Skyline-Aerial-Photos-006
Chicago-Skyline-Aerial-Photos-007 Chicago-Skyline-Aerial-Photos-008
Downtown Chicago Skyline

The digital camera I took on this trip only has a 2x zoom lens but if you look real closely you can still pick out some of the more famous buildings located in downtown Chicago. Some of the most notable examples include the John Hancock Observatory, the Monadnock building, Tribune Tower, Marina City "Corn Cob" Towers, the Palmolive building, the Sears Tower, and the Aon Center. I couldn't find the Westin Hotel (909 N. Michigan Ave.) that I had booked for our stay on the Magnificent Mile since it is dwarfed by the buildings surrounding it on all sides.

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