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Navy Pier Amusement Park - Downtown Chicago, IL
Pictures from our trip to the Navy Pier family entertainment attraction located in downtown Chicago, IL on Lake Michigan.

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Navy Pier Entrance

Ferris Wheel

Lake Michigan Cruise Ship

Navy Pier is a family attraction and a must-see part of downtown Chicago. If you fly into either O'Hare or the Midway Airports you can easily spot the 3,000 feet Navy Pier extending out into Lake Michigan.

The Navy Pier features a wide variety of events, shopping, restaurants, pleasure cruises, parks, gardens and family friendly entertainment.

It encompasses over 50 acres of fun with the 150 feet Ferris Wheel being one of the most popular attractions due to the great views of downtown Chicago from the top.

Entrance into the Navy Pier is free, but bring your wallet or purse if you want to do more than take in the sights.

Our first stop was at the famous Ferris Wheel for a quick ride to the top to take some scenic pictures of the Chicago Skyline.


Navy-Pier-Chicago-004 Navy-Pier-Chicago-005 Navy-Pier-Chicago-006
If you scroll down the page you'll see that we took a ride on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel once at night, and then again the next day. The price of each ride on the Ferris Wheel was $5.00 and well worth the money for a great alternative view of Chicago compared to the Sears Tower or John Hancock Observatory.
Navy-Pier-Chicago-007 Navy-Pier-Chicago-008
Downtown Chicago
Navy Pier Skyline Stage
Water Filtration Plant
John Hancock Center
Some of the fun attractions at Navy Pier include the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, the Wave Swinger, a Miniature Golf course, the Skytrail Ropes Course, the Light Tower, Remote Control (R/C) Boats, the Chicago Children's Museum, the Funhouse Mirror Maze, the "Time Escape", the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, and the Navy Pier IMAX Theater. In addition to all that, sometimes you can enjoy a fireworks show from the Navy Pier Beer Garden. You can check the Navy Pier website for the schedule.
Navy-Pier-Chicago-013 Navy-Pier-Chicago-014
Pleasure Cruise Ship Tour

We didn't take advantage of the cruise ships and tour ships that dock at Navy Pier but you can have your choice of boarding the Seadog Sightseeing speedboat, the "Tall Ship Windy", the Spirit of Chicago, The Odyssey Dinner Cruise, Mystic Blue cruises and the various other private charter boats and water taxis.

Navy Pier Parking Garage
Navy-Pier-Chicago-017 Navy-Pier-Chicago-018
Navy-Pier-Chicago-019 Navy-Pier-Chicago-020 Navy-Pier-Chicago-021
I wish we hadn't already eaten back at "The Grill" inside of the Westin Hotel on Michigan where we were staying because Navy Pier has a nice selection of eateries and restaurants. You can grab a quick bite at the Navy Pier Food Court, Bubba Gump, the Billy Goat Tavern, Charlie's Ale, Capi's Italian Kitchen, Dock Street Cafe, Joe's Be-Bop, the Riva Cafe, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, and Chango Loco.
Navy-Pier-Chicago-022 Navy-Pier-Chicago-023
Fire Juggling
Navy-Pier-Chicago-025 Navy-Pier-Chicago-026 Navy-Pier-Chicago-027
U.S.S. Chicago Anchor
Navy-Pier-Chicago-028 Navy-Pier-Chicago-029 Navy-Pier-Chicago-030
Navy-Pier-Chicago-031 Navy-Pier-Chicago-032
Lake Michigan
Navy Pier Information Sign
Navy-Pier-Chicago-035 Navy-Pier-Chicago-036
Ferris Wheel Lights At Night

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