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Beers of America Historical Collection Review
A beer enthusiast's opinion of the "Beers of America Historical Collection" released by the Minhas Craft Brewery.

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Beers of America Case
Historical Collection Newsletter
Piedmont Porter
For the holiday season, I received this 12 pack of tasty brews known as the "Beers of America Historical Collection" created by the Minhas Craft Brewery.

The six beer types included are the Piedmont Porter, Berkshire Springs Stock Ale, Rock River Lager, Hole In the Rock Marzen, Barbary Coast, and Tejas Bock. I wrote a mini review of each beer down below at the bottom half of this page.

In 1845 Blumer Brewery began to produce beer for the public, then in 1947 the operation was bought by Joseph Huber. In 2006 the company was acquired by Mountain Crest Brewing and has since then been renamed Berghoff Brewing and now again renamed to Minhas Craft Brewery.

Some of the other beers that Minhas Craft Brewery produces include Mountain Creek Classic Lager, Rhinelander Original, Hi Test Malt Liquor, Rockhead Strongbeer (11%), Wisconsin Club, Lazy Mutt, Bohemian Club, Regal Brau, and Huber Light.

Berkshire Springs Stock Ale
Rock River Lager Beer
Hole In The Rock Marzen
I really enjoyed sampling all of the different brews in the Beers of America Historical Collection, while reading their information pamphlet that revealed the history behind each beer's inspiration.

I'll definitely be on the look out for more collections from the Minhas Craft Brewery company as well as other micro or macro brewery sampler packages.

Barbary Coast Steam Beer
Tejas Bock Beer
12 Pack Holiday Gift

To read my mini review of each of these tasty beverages in the Beers of America Historical Collection from Minhas Craft Brewery, click on the links or beer bottle labels below.

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Piedmont Porter Beer Review - Minhas Craft Brewery
Piedmont Porter Review

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