Piedmont Porter Beer Review
A review of the Piedmont Porter brew from the Beers of America Historical Collection from Minhas Craft Brewery.

Piedmont Porter Brand Old Colonies Brew Bottle Label

This was the first beer that I tried from the "Beers of America Historical Collection" from the Minhas Craft Brewery. The information pamphlet included with this gift set described it as a popular Colonial English style beer with a garnet brown color, roasted aroma and flavor balanced by smooth malt and aggressive hops.

It pours a nice dark reddish brown color with a creamy off white head. You can really taste the molasses that was used in this beer. I also detect hints of roasted nuts, espresso coffee, chocolate and malt flavors. All in all, the Piedmont Porter is a very decent porter beer with somewhat low carbonation, but that makes it go down all that much easier.

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