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Kachina Peaks Wilderness - Coconino National Forest
Pictures & visitor info from a hiking trip to Kachina Peaks Wilderness in the Coconino National Forest near Flagstaff, AZ.

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Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-001 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-002 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-003
Kachina Peaks Wilderness is located about six miles or ten kilometers north of Flagstaff in Coconino County, Arizona.

This popular recreational area covers 18,616 acres and is part of the expansive 1.856 million acre Coconino National Forest.

One of the most notable features of Kachina Peaks Wilderness is Humphreys Peak, which standing at 12,643 feet (3,854 meters), is the highest point in the state of Arizona.

The wilderness also contains the rest of the San Francisco Peaks volcanic mountain range including Agassiz Peak, Fremont Peak, and Doyle Peak.

These mountains are sacred to several of the indigenous Native American Tribes such as the Zuni, Navajo, Hopi and the Havasupai.

Kachina Peaks Wilderness Sign
San Francisco Mountains

Obviously, hiking is a very common recreational activity in the Kachina Peaks Wilderness due to the awe inducing scenery and the peaceful atmosphere. Nature provides the only sounds you'll hear since mechanized or motorized vehicles or equipment, including mountain bikes, are not allowed in the area. A few of the trails are Weatherford (# 102), Abineau (#127), Inner Basin (#29), Humphreys Peak (#151), and Kachina (#150).

Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-007 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-008 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-009
Other popular activities in Kachina Peaks Wilderness include snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hunting, backpacking, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, and bird watching.
Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-010 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-011 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-012

To reach the Kachina Peaks Wilderness, drive north from Flagstaff on US 89 or US 180 for about 10 km or 6 miles.

Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-013 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-014
Rocky Mountainside
Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-016 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-017
Hiking Up Rock Trail

Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-019 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-020
Small Patch of Snow
Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-022 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-023 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-024
Snow On Mountainside
Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-026 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-027
Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-028 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-029 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-030
Hiking Off Trail - $500 Fine
Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-032 Kachina-Peaks-Wilderness-Coconino-National-Forest-AZ-033
Arizona Sunset
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