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Phoenix & Scottsdale Driving Tour - Arizona
Pictures from a leisurely driving tour of the cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale located in the state of Arizona, USA.

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Phoenix Mountain Range

Scottsdale Suburb

We had some free time the morning before my friend's wedding, so we jumped in the rental car and drove around Scottsdale and Phoenix.

I really like how clean and neat everything looks in a city with a desert climate, although I did miss the bright green tropical foliage of South Florida.

Most of the houses we passed in the suburban area of Scottsdale had gravel lawns with a few landscaping accents such as cacti, palm trees or desert shrubs.

Since this area doesn't experience much of a climate change or significant rainfall throughout the year, most of the roads were perfectly smooth. It was a welcome change from the potholes and car sickness causing undulations on the old highways of New York that I recall from my child hood.

Manicured Green Lawn
Smooth Road
Gravel Lawn
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-007 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-008 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-009
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-010 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-011 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-012
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-013 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-014 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-015
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-016 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-017
Loop 101 / Pima Highway
Speed Cameras On Hwy
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-020 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-021

Native American Influences
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-023 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-024
Downtown Scottsdale
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-025 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-026 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-027
Bacus Building 3030
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-029 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-030
Go Phoenix Suns
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-032 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-033
Courtesy Chevrolet
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-034 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-035 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-036
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-037 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-038 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-039
Scottsdale Fashion Square
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-040 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-041
Macy's Department Store
Condos Under Construction
Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-043 Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-AZ-044
Pima Rd & Loop 101 Hwy
Blue Agave Mexican Cantina
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