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New York City Vacation Pictures
Photos from our trip to NYC, New York including the island of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

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730 Playboy Enterprises NYC
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-02 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-03

These pictures are from New York City, NY and the island of Manhattan in the state of New York.

Each picture of the major sights are labeled. They include Grand Central Station, Battery Park, the Statue of Liberty, Roosevelt Island, Pier 17, the Brooklyn Bridge, 42nd St., the New York Public Library, Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, St. Patrick Chruch, Trump Tower, Central Park, Times Square, the Triborough Bridge, and the Hudson River.

Some of the pictures in the middel of this page are from a day trip to Garrison, Vermont on an Amtrak train.


NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-04 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-05 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-06
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-07 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-08 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-09
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-10 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-100 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-101
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-102 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-103 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-104
Rockefeller Station
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-105 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-106
The Concourse Rockefeller
Ice Skating Rink, Rockefeller
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
Battery Park WTC Lobby Sculpture
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-110 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-111
Trump Tower
Times Square Picture
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-13 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-14 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-15
Grand Central Station Ceiling
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-17 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-18

NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-19 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-20 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-21
In the pictures surrounding this text you will see our day trip from NYC to Garrison, Vermont on an Amtrak train. The water you see alongside the tracks is the infamous Hudson River.
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-22 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-23
Hudson River Picture
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-25 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-26 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-27
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-28 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-29 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-30
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-31 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-32
McDonald's Times Square
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-34 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-35 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-36
Times Square
Marriott New York Marquis
NYC Police Horseman
Cipriana 42nd Street
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-41 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-42
St. Therese
NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-44 NYC-Manhattan-Vacation-45


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