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Copper Canyon Boat Party - Lake Havasu - San Bernardino, CA
Pictures & visitor info from a trip to the Copper Canyon boat party located on Lake Havasu in San Bernardino, CA.

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Row of Small Speedboats

Pontoon Boats Tied Up

Boats Arriving In Afternoon

Copper Canyon is one of the most popular gathering places and party hot spots on Lake Havasu, which is on the AZ/CA (Arizona / California) border.

Dozens of boat owners and their friends meet here to celebrate events like Spring Break or any long holiday weekend such as the Labor Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July weekends.

As far as I know, the only way to reach Copper Canyon is by boat. People from Phoenix (Arizona), Las Vegas (Nevada), Los Angeles (California) and from elsewhere in the U.S. tow their boats to Lake Havasu City in droves for these long weekends.

Copper Canyon is located about 5 miles South of Lake Havasu City (Arizona) on the California side of the lake in San-Bernardino county. The land is part of the Chemehuevi Indian Reservation.

Other popular party places in the area are "The Sandbar", "The Channel", The London Bridge and the Kokomo Havasu club.

Floating City Forming
People On Cliff Top
About To Jump
The most frequent activities at a Copper Canyon boat party include having a few cold beverages, people watching, boat hopping and cliff jumping.

There's usually a steady stream of dare devils providing entertainment by climbing the cliffs and plunging down into the cool waters of Lake Havasu while the crowds below cheer.

Pontoon & Speedboat
Dozens Of Boats
On just about any holiday weekend or special event, there are so many boats tied up together and packed into Copper Canyon that you can literally walk (more like climb) across them to reach every corner of the canyon.
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-010 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-011
Guy Climbing Mountain Side
Since Copper Canyon is located on the California side of Lake Havasu, the waters are patrolled by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department from California. The officers can be seen casually floating around the area on their Honda PWCs (personal watercraft). We saw the police intervene twice during this weekend when a small fight broke out and then later when a boat captain had a minor collision with another craft. The pontoon boat pilot was taken under custody, arrested and most likely charged with BUI (boating under the influence).
Cliff Top
Watching Cliff Jumper
If you don't own a boat or have a friend who owns a boat, there are plenty of places to rent jet skis, Sea-Doo PWC, speedboats, or pontoon boats in Lake Havasu City. A few of the options include Fun Time Boat Rentals, Lake Havasu Paradise Boat Rentals, Barnacle Bill's Boat Rentals, Action Adventure Boat Rentals, Wet Monkey Powersports, Arizona Watersports, Windsor Beach Rentals, Champion Rentals, Nautical Inn Resort Boat Rentals, All Seasons Water Sports, Desert Sun Watersports, Arizona West Rentals, London Bridge Watercraft Rentals, London Bridge Watercraft, Western Arizona Canoe & Kayak Rentals, Adventure Center, River Rat Wave Runner Rentals, Rick's Pontoon Boat Rental and Havasu Watercraft Connections.
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-016 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-017
Free Falling
For this trip, we chose to stay at the Ramada Inn located at 271 South Lake Havasu Avenue in Lake Havasu City. The small town has many other accommodations to choose from such as the Windsor Inn Motel, the Havasu Motel, the Quality Inn, Lake Havasu Travelodge, Super 8, Hidden Palms All Suite Inn, Camelot Inn, Nautical Inn & Resort, Havasu Dunes Resort, London Bridge Resort, Days Inn, Best Western, Motel 6 Lakeside, Havasu Sands Resort, Island Suites, Americas Best Value Inn, Xanadu Condo Resort, Martini Bay, Bridge View Motel, Fairway Inn, Blue Danube Inn and many others.
About To Hit Water
People Watching
San-Bernardino Sheriff
I saw that some boaters had the luxury of a barbeque grill attached to the side of their pontoon boats. Others bought burgers from the "Big Orange Boat" floating fast food stand. We just brought some snacks, so after a long day in Copper Canyon we were ready for a substantial meal. Some of the most popular restaurants in Lake Havasu City are the Barley Bros Restaurant & Brewery, Shugrues Restaurant, the Nautical Inn's diner, Javelina Cantina Restaurant, JB's Restaurant, Mudshark Brewing Co., Black Bear Diner, Cha-Bones, Captain's Table Restaurant, El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant, Papa Bear's Restaurant, Rusty's, Frigate Restaurant & Lounge, Casa Bonita, and Monsoon Restaurant. Lake Havasu City also has the usual fast food or chain restaurants like McDonald's, Chili's, TGIF, Taco Bell, and Subway.
Sheriff On Jet Ski
Cop On Honda PWC
Dancing On Houseboat
After the sun sets on Lake Havasu, people who have energy left for more partying head over to the bars and clubs in Lake Havasu City. By far the most popular option is the Kokomo Havasu Club, which has a four levels and a large pool. Other options in the area are Martini Bay, The Red Room, Mad Dog Bar, London Bridge Brewery, Bikini Beach Club, Jake's Bar, the Naked Turtle (Nautical Inn), Tiki Terrace, McKee's Pub, Desert Martini, Firehouse Bar, Big John's Pub, and BJ's Tavern.
Big Guy Jumping
Free Falling Down Cliff
Running Start
Another big tourism draw for Lake Havasu and Copper Canyon is the water sports competitions and other events that take place here each year. A few of the events are the IJSBA's Quakysense world finals jet ski competition, the Mark Hahn PWC 300 mile endurance race, the Lake Havasu Triathlon, the Festival of Lights, the Skat-Trak World Championships, the Relics & Rods Run to the Sun, and the Winterblast Western Pyrotechnics Convention & Fireworks Show.


Falling Down
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-029 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-030
Plunging Into Lake
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-032 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-033
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-034 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-035
Speedboaters Clique
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-038 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-039
Bud Light Music Boat
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-040 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-041
American Flag Flying
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-043 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-044 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-045
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-046 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-047 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-048
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-049 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-050 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-051
Hanging Out On Rocks
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-052 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-053
Rental Pontoon Boats
Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-055 Copper-Canyon-Boat-Party-Lake-Havasu-056
Large Houseboat
To see the rest of my pictures from Copper Canyon, click on the "Next" button below to visit the second page of the gallery. For more from this trip, check out these related galleries: Lake Havasu, The London Bridge, The Channel, and the Sofa City Furniture Store Fire.

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