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Hayward Pool Pump Filter Replacement Guide
How to change the cartridge style water filter element in a Hayward brand pool pump with the part number.

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Hayward Pool Pump
Pleatco Pure Brand
Cartridge Filter Element
This home maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the Hayward Star-Clear II pool filter in changing the cartridge filter element.

Owners of other Hayward pool filters such as the SwimClear, Star Clear, DEP 500, ProGrid, ProSeries and Perflex may also find these DIY instructions to be helpful.

The OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part number for this Star-Clear II is Hayward C-800-RE.

I chose to buy the compatible replacement Pleatco PA80 cartridge style water filter.

No tools are required to access and replace the filter.


Filter Part Number
PA80 (C800 - C1500)
Pool Filtration Timer
The first step is to open the timer box.

Then flip the "ON / OFF" switch to the "OFF" position.

Turn "OFF" Pool Pump
Pool Filter Housing
Loosen Lid Clamp
After you hear the pool pump turn off, you can slowly turn the "+" shaped handle on the top of the filter lid clamp in the counterclockwise direction.

An alternative method for releasing the pressure is to loosen the small pressure relief valve on the cap opposite of the PSI gauge.

Allow any residual pressure in the filter housing to dissipate.

Release Pressure
PSI Gauge - 0 PSI
Pull Out Clamp Rod
Make sure the PSI reading on the pressure gauge on the filter cap is at zero.

Continue loosening the filter cap clamp in the counterclockwise direction until you can lift it out.

Threaded Rod End
Set Aside Clamp Rod
Pull Off Filter Cover
Remove the metal rod from the hole in the center of the black plastic filter cap.

Set the clamp rod aside in a safe place.

Carefully pull the black plastic filter cap off the top of the housing.

Set Aside Filter Cap
Old Filter Exposed
Lift Out Old Filter
Gently set the filter cap aside in a safe place.

Carefully lift the old filter straight out of the housing.

Inspect Rubber O-Ring
Old Filter Removed
Lower In New Filter
Inspect the rubber o-ring gasket on the top of the filter housing.

If the rubber is torn, discolored or damaged, it should be replaced with a new gasket.

The part number for the Star-Clear II head rubber o-ring gasket is Hayward CX800F.

Gently lower the new filter straight down into the housing.

New Filter Installed
Replace Plastic Cap
Insert Threaded Rod
The new filter should be just about flush with the rubber o-ring gasket on the housing.

Lower the plastic cover back into place.

Make sure the filter cap is fully seated and flush with the housing.

Carefully insert the threaded rod into the hole in the filter cap.

Try to avoid damaging the new filter element when you lower in the metal rod.

Tighten Filter Cap Clamp
Filter Cover Secured
Hayward Star Clear II
Tighten the handle on the clamp rod in the clockwise direction until it is snug.

The clamp rod should be tightened to about 1/4 to 1/2 turn past finger tight.

Try to avoid over tightening the clamp to prevent from cracking the plastic cap.

OEM Filter C-800-RE
Filter Change Complete
Flip Switch To "ON"
Double check that the filter clamp is tight.

Move the switch to the "ON" position and listen closely.

If you hear any strange sounds such as hissing or you see any water leaking, immediately turn off the pump.

Check the filter head for any cracks or damage.

If you need to replace the filter cap on your Star-Clear II, the part number is Hayward CX800C.

Pool Pump Turned On
24 Hour Dial Time Switch
Pool Pump Controls
Observe the pump and filter housing for at least a minute to see if there are any leaks or odd noises.

Be sure to write down the filter change in your pool filtration system's service records.

Please check out all of my Home DIY Repair & Maintenance Guides.

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