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Everglades Holiday Park Live Gator Show
Pictures from the live alligator wrestling show included with an airboat tour at the Everglades Holiday Park in Ft. Lauderdale.

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Parking Lot & Boat Docks
Airboat Tour Returning
Airboat Docked
After enjoying the Holiday Everglades Park Airboat Tour, we were led down a ramp to the alligator enclosure for a live gator wrestling show.

All of these reptiles were injured in the Florida Everglades and could not be released back into the wild so now they help educate the public.

The show was given by Paul Bedard Jr and featured several "stunts" such as the "The Florida Smile" (getting the gator to open it's mouth), "The Face Off" (keeping the gator's mouth open with just your chin), and "Bulldogging" (keeping the gator's mouth closed with your chest or neck and chin).

I'm guessing that since the performance is given after every air boat tour returns there is no gator feeding at most if any of these shows.

Holiday Everglades Park
Alligator Enclosure
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-007 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-008 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-009
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-010 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-011 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-012
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-013 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-014
Nictitaing Membrane
Transparent Third Eyelid
Paul Bedard Jr.
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-017 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-018
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-019 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-020 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-021
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-022 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-023
Back Osteoderms & Tail
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-025 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-026
"Mouse Trap" Jaws
"The Florida Smile"

Alligator Teeth & Tongue
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-029 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-030
Dragging Out of Pond
Wide Open Mouth
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-032 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-033

To see a short video of the Everglades Holiday Park Live Gator Wrestling Show click on the link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 4 minutes long and has a file size of 31 megabytes. Attention Parents: The wrestler begins describing some unpleasant things at about 2 minutes into the video. You might want to review the movie yourself first before showing it to children. There is some interesting information between the graphic descriptions.

Everglades Holiday Park Live Alligator Wrestling Show Video Clip
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-034 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-035
"Bulldogging" Gator Stunt
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-037 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-038 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-039
The alligator wrestling professionals refer to being bitten by a gator as being "banged". One wrestler likened the experience to having your hand slammed in a door with exposed nails. Paul Bedard Jr. explained to the crowd that an alligator's mouth is like a mouse trap in that you can safely put your hand between the jaws, but if even a drop of water were to fall on the tongue it would trigger the animal to bite.
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-040 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-041 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-042
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-043 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-044 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Gator-Show-045
If you're interested in seeing a gator wrestling show, there are quite a few across the state of Florida. A few of the most notable attractions are the Everglades Alligator Farm (Homestead), Gatorland (Kissimmee), the Miccosukee Indian Village (Miami), the Okalee Indian Village (Hollywood), the Native Village (Seminole Reservation), the Gatorama Wildlife Park (Palmdale), Billie Swamp Safari (Clewiston), the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, the Everglades Wonder Gardens (Bonita Springs), and Parrot Jungle Island (Miami).
Chin & Chest Hold
"The Face Off Gator Stunt"
For more reptilian fun check out my pictures from the Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tour, the Loxahatchee Airboat Ride, and the Flamingo Gardens in Davie, FL.

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