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Flamingo Gardens Wildlife Sanctuary & Botanical Collection
Pictures from the Flamingo Gardens not-for-profit botanical collection and wildlife sanctuary located in Davie, FL.

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Flamingo Gardens Sign

Wooden Boardwalk

Directions To Park Features

These pictures are from two separate trips to the Flamingo Gardens located in Davie, FL.

The first time we didn't get very far into the park before the infamous Florida afternoon rain started. I tucked my brand new Canon S5 IS digital camera under my shirt and we speed walked out to the parking lot.

Luckily, this South Florida attraction is on the American Horticultural Society's list of "Reciprocal Gardens", so our membership to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables grants us free admission at this park and many others.

Flamingo Gardens is described as South Florida's not for profit Wildlife Sanctuary and Botanical Gardens featuring the Wray collection of trees, flowers and other tropical plants.

Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-004 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-005 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-006
The regular adult admission price is $17.00 with discounts for AAA members, seniors, US Armed Forces, children, large groups and students. The park is located at 3750 South Flamingo Road in Davie, Florida 33330.
Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-007 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-008 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-009
There's a great variety of animals to see at Flamingo Gardens including birds like geese, swans, Ibis, cranes, peacocks, golden eagles, bald eagles, birds of prey, and owls. There is also a very fun free flight aviary where you can enter and mingle with the more docile flying creatures.
Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-010 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-011
Large Flamingo Statue
Some of the other animals that were rescued and live here are river otters, bobcats, alligators, turtles, tortoises, and panthers.

All of the scaly, furry and feathered residents of Flamingo Gardens were permanently injured and considered non-releasable back into the wild.

Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-013 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-014
Giant Metal Orange
Butterfly Garden
Besides the animals, there is also an eclectic collection of photogenic trees, flowers, and plants in the Wray Botanical Collection.

They are featured in different parts of the park like the Tropical Plant House, the Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden, the Arboretum, the Reflection Garden, the Flowering Tree Walk, the Amaryllis Garden, the Bromeliad Garden, and the Heliconia Garden.

Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-016 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-017
The Strangler Fig Information
Little Lizard
I won't list them all, but some of the most interesting flora specimens are the Indian JuJube, the Tropical Hazelnut, the Bread Nut Tree, the White Sapote, the Cluster Fig, the West Indian Catalpa, the Panama Candle Tree, the Dynamite Tree, and the Pink Trumpet Tree.
Free Roaming Peacock
White Ibis In Pond
Ibis Bird Eating Minnows
If you start to get hungry after walking around this 60 acre park, you can grab a bite to eat at the BBQ House, the Tropical Marketplace, or the Flamingo Cafe which has a great view.

Visitors who'd rather see the animals and colorful flowers while seated can take the relaxing Tram Tour from the station near the entrance.

Flamingo Flapping Wings
View From Flamingo Cafe
Flamingo Cleaning Feathers
Some of the other special features at Flamingo Gardens include the Wildlife Encounter, the Historic Wray Home, the children's playground, the Garden Shop, the Gallery and the Wedding Gazebo.

Don't forget to peruse the gift shop on your way out. They have a nice selection of t-shirts, stuffed animals, wind chimes, and other novelties or collectibles.

Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-025 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-026 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-027
Waterfalls Into Pond
At first I thought that the white birds above that were mixed in with the flamingos were Egrets but then a Flamingo Gardens employee pointed out that they are actually White Ibis birds.

They can be told apart by looking at the shape of their bill.

The Ibis have a curved bill while the Egrets have a straight bill.

Bathing In Waterfall
Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-029 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-030
Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-031 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-032 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-033
Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-034 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-035 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-036
Flamingo Eating Fish
Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-038 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-039
Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-040 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-041 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-042
Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-043 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-044 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-045

To watch a short video clip from our trip,  featuring the beautiful pink birds that you see in the pictures on this page, click on the link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about a minute and has a file size of 6.5 megabytes.

Flamingo Gardens Wildlife Sanctuary & Botanical Collections Video Clip
Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-046 Flamingo-Gardens-Davie-FL-047
Cleaning His Foot
Egret Posing By Waterfalls

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