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Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tour
Pictures of alligators, birds and an Iguana from an airboat tour at Everglades Holiday Park in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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Parking Lot & Docks
Airboat Tour Returning
Common Moorhen Bird
The Everglades Holiday Park is located in Broward County just south of Weston on Highway U.S. 27. The address is 21940 Griffin Rd. Ft. Lauderdale FL 3332 and they can be reached by phone at 954-434-8111 or 1-800-226-2244.

We had previously gone on the Loxahatchee Everglades Airboat Ride up in Boca Raton. Since you see something new on every trip to the Florida Everglades, we decided to try out the tours at this park about 30 miles south of Palm Beach.

The price of admission for adults is $21 and $11 for children. That includes the hour long airboat tour and also a "Live Gator Show".

On the park's website you can find discount coupons for $3 off an adult ticket, $2 off a child's ticket, and $5 off a power boat rental.

The park is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 9am to 5pm with air boat rides departing every 20 minutes.

Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-004 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-005 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-006
Boat Docks & Pier
Besides the air boat tours the Everglades Holiday Park also features 100 RV (recreational vehicle) spaces and 36 tent sites. For the convenience of anyone camping out or just visiting the park there are showers, restrooms, a laundry room with washers & dryers, ice, groceries, a bait shop and a small general store. If you'd like to catch some fish, the park can also provide you with the necessary fishing licenses, which are required by law.
Everglades Holiday Park
Store, Tours & Rentals
If you have your RV or tent set up at Everglades Holiday Park, I'd recommend you also check out a few of the other area attractions such as the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, the Milten E. Thompson County Park, the Weston Regional Park, the Chapel Trail Nature Preserve and Markham Park & Range.
Water Treatment Plant
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-011 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-012
1.5 Million Acres of Swamp
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-013 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-014 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-015
Airboat Wake
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-016 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-017 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-018
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-019 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-020 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-021
We were lucky enough to see a handful of American Alligators, some soft shell turtles, a brief glimpse of an American Crocodile and a sleepy green Iguana resting in a tree. I'm hoping that one day we'll see one of the endangered Florida Panthers but I guess that's very unlikely on an air boat ride.
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-022 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-023 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-024
Fishing Boat
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-025 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-026 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-027
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-028 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-029
Osprey Bird Flying

In this subtropical wilderness wetlands there are 100's of species of birds. A few of the most notable avian varieties include the Red-Bellied Woodpecker, the Cormorant, the Limpkin, the Anhina, the Barn Swallow, the American Kestrel Falcon, the Red Shouldered Hawk, the Mottled Duck, the Purple Gallinule, the Stilt, the Tri-Colored Heron, the Eastern Pheobe, the Black Crowned Night Heron, the Great Egret, the Brown Pelican, the Eastern Blue Bird, the Roseate Spoonbill, the Avocet and the Belted Kingfisher. On this trip we saw a few Osprey, White Isis, Black Vultures and a colorful Peacock.

Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-031 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-032 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-033
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-034 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-035
Red Bill & Yellow Tip
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-037 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-038
Black Vultures
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-040 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-041 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-042
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-043 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-044
Vulture Spreading Wings
Vulture Wing Close Up
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-047 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-048
Tree Full of Vultures
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-049 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-050 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-051
Osprey In Tree
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-052 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-053 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-054
One person who made a monumental change in the public's opinion of this "swamp" land was Marjory Stoneman Douglas who wrote a book titled "The Everglades - River of Grass" in 1947. A high school in Parkland Florida was named after her which was just one of many honors she received in her life's career as an environmental activist.
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-055 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-056
Alligator Head Peeking
Small Female Gator
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-059 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-060
Obviously the fauna is the main attraction on an air boat ride through the Florida Everglades but there is also a very eclectic collection of plant life. Most of the region is covered in Saw-Grass but there are also Red Mangrove trees, Black Mangroves, Bald Cypress trees, Gumbo Limbo ("Tourist Trees"), Royal Palm, Dwarf Cypress trees, the Brazilian Pepper, Spanish Moss, the Strangler Fig, Ferns, Spatterdock (yellow pond lily), tropical hardwood hammocks and various wildflowers.
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-061 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-062 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-063
Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-064 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-065 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-066
Brown Beak
To watch a short movie from this ride on the Everglades Holiday Park's airboat tour click on the link below. The clip is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 2 minutes long and has a file size of 15.6 megabytes (MB).

Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tour Video - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-067 Everglades-Holiday-Park-Airboat-Ride-068
Small Bird

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