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Markham Park, Sunrise Florida
Pictures and information about Markham Park, a public recreation facility located on SR 84 in Sunrise near Weston Florida.

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Weston Road
Markham Park Sign
Markham Park is a Broward County public recreation facility located in Sunrise Florida right on the border with the city of Weston.

The park's physical address is 16001 West State Road 84 Sunrise, FL 33326 and the information phone number is (954) 389-2000.

It is just West of the 869 Sawgrass Expressway and North of the SR 84 service road at the end of Weston Road.

The park is open seven days a week and the 650+ acre facility has many recreation possibilities.

Other fun activities possible at Markham Park include mountain biking, jogging, riding jet skis, tennis, racquetball, volleyball, swimming, fishing, boating, horseback riding, canoeing, basketball, and walking the nature trails.

Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-04 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-05 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-06
The last time that I visited the park was during a 94.9 ZETA all day rock concert, so I have never fully explored the facility. Don't let my cloudy pictures sway you from visiting Markham Park, most any other day the sun would be shining brightly as usual in this part of Western Broward County.
Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-07 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-08
Jet Ski & Waverunner Area

As we passed the Personal Watercraft Lake, I saw a few people riding jet skis, and Waverunners. In order to ride your PWC on this lake you must wear a safety flotation device such as a life vest and also have a safety cutoff cord and a fire extinguisher.

Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-10 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-11 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-12
Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-13 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-14 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-15
Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-16 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-17
K-9 Training Facility

Also located in Markham Park, past the target range is the Broward County Regional K-9 Training Facility. I hope that my next visit to the park coincides with an actual K9 training session so that I can check out their dog training techniques.

Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-19 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-20 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-21

Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-22 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-23 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-24
Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-25 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-26 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-27
Model Airplane Field
Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-28 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-29 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-30
After continuing further into Markham Park, I heard a few buzzing sounds and we followed the sound to the Radio Controlled Model Airplane Field. The R/C plane area includes a tiny runway, repair or service tables and a small clubhouse. On the cork bulletin board there are pictures of model planes, jets, helicopters, and also a list of the airfield rules.
Air Field Rules & Regulations
Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-32 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-33
Since Markham Park is right on the edge of the Everglades it offers access to a set of interlocking lakes and canals. You can also enter the Everglades Conservation Area, which probably requires an air boat. (But that's just my guess.)
Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-34 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-35 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-36
We then drove past the Fox Observatory, the marina boat ramp, and continued to Barkham Markham which is a fairly new dog park addition to the facility. The dog park was opened in March 2005 and covers about three acres with separate areas for small and large canines. The Barkham Markham canine playground features a dog washing area, refrigerated water drinking stations, jogging or walking paths, and shaded resting shelters.
Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-37 Markham-Park-Weston-Florida-38
Barkham Markham Dog Park
Exiting To State Road 84

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