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American Orchid Society - Delray Beach, FL
Pictures from a trip to the American Orchid Society Visitors Center & Botanical Garden located in Delray Beach Florida.

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Morikami Park Road

Japanese Gardens & AOS Sign

AOS Visitors Center

The American Orchid Society has been a leader in orchid information, education, research, and conservation efforts for over 85 years.

We discovered the "AOS" on the American Horticultural Society's list of gardens that participate in the Reciprocal Admissions Program (RAP).

Our "Associate Plus" membership to the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens grants us free or discounted admission to over 200 arboreta, conservatories and botanical gardens in 44 U.S. states, Canada & the Virgin Islands.

The American Orchid Society is located at 16700 AOS Lane in Delray Beach, FL 33446. Regular adult admission is $8.00 and the gardens are open from 10am-4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday.

American Orchid Society
Entrance To Gardens
Upon entering the AOS Visitors Center we stopped for a minute to check out the Atrium Gallery, which featured paintings, photographs and other artwork for sale. Also located inside the visitors center is the Orchid Emporium Gift Shop with a wide variety of books, gifts, live orchids and gardening supplies.
Orchid Court Fountain
Production Greenhouses
The major sections of the AOS grounds include the Orchid Court, the Vaughn Garden, the Formal Lawn, the Bauman Greenhouse, the Jungle Garden, the scenic Boardwalk, the Chickee Hut, Lake Huntington and the Florida Native-Plant Garden.
White Clock Vine
Flowing Vine From India
Thurnbergia Grandiflora

There are small signs with the species and common name for most of the plants, trees, orchids and other flowers. You can also pick up an informative brochure and a "What's In Bloom" guide at the visitor's center to help you identify each member of the AOS collection.

Thatch Palms
Orchid Court Waterfall
Malaysian Mokaras & Arandas
The gold colored sign above explains that the "Mokaras" and "Arandas" orchids in the AOS collection were generously donated by the Malaysian Orchid Society (MOS) in 2002. Since the climates of South Florida and Malaysia are so similar, these exotic orchids thrive in the Bauman Greenhouse.
Bauman Greenhouse
American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-017 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-018
Most of the pictures from this page and the next two were taken in the Bauman Greenhouse where the AOS displays their constantly changing collection of over five thousand orchids. One of the nicest features of this horticultural shelter is the fourteen foot waterfall and the windows that let you take a sneak peek into the production greenhouse.
American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-019 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-020 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-021

There are too many species of orchids to mention but some of the featured specimens at the AOS include the Ascocenda, the Cattleya, the Oncidium or "Dancing Lady Orchids", the Dendrobium, the Paphiopedilum, the Phalaenopsis or "Moth Orchid", the Phragmipedium, the Vanda, and Vanilla.

American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-022 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-023 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-024
A few of the other botanical highlights on the AOS grounds are the Cork Tree, a South American Chocolate Tree, Thatch palms, Japanese Mahogany palms, gingers, heliconias, bromeliads, Buddha's Belly Bamboo, Baobab Tree, the Rose of Venezuela, a Jakfruit Tree, the Silk Floss Tree, a Live Oak, an Allspice Tree, the endangered Lignum Vitae, and the Flor De Maga (Flower of the Magician) national tree of Puerto Rico.


American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-025 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-026 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-027
The AOS has been publishing literature about this beautiful flower since it's foundation in 1921. Some of the works include the Conservation Calendar, the Orchids monthly magazine, and the Awards Quarterly journal. They also have a collection of hand books that address topics such as novice gardeners, pest & disease management, an orchid beginner's guide, photography, judging & competitive exhibition, and cultivating orchids indoors under growing lights.
American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-028 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-029
Hanging Moss
Besides just being a nice place to visit any time of the year, the American Orchid Society also hosts events, classes, weddings, corporate functions and other social gatherings like the Wine & Jazz in the Gardens series. The rates for a wedding ceremony start at $295 hour for up to 25 guests and increases for expanded guest lists or if the reception is also to be held on the AOS grounds.
American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-031 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-032
Cattleya Queen of Orchids
The orchid specific classes at the AOS touch on topics such as growing, cultivating, fertilizing, watering, cultures, potting and mounting. They also have other courses where visitors can learn Tai Chi, photography, art in pastels, or yoga. Another interesting addition is the "Ikebana Class" on the ancient Buddhist practice of Japanese flower arranging. Ikebana translates to "flowers kept alive", which is an important goal when creating orchid arrangements.
American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-034 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-035 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-036
If you find that orchids are one of your passions in life, the AOS is a superb source of information for the novice or expert grower. They have an up to date list of all the Orchid Society Shows and festivals across the world including Louisville, Kentucky; Western Australia, New Orleans, Northwestern Michigan, Central Pennsylvania, Vancouver, New Mexico, Ottawa, Costa Rica, Sacramento, Toronto, Ann Arbor, Phoenix, Tulsa, Houston, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, London & many more.
American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-037 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-038
Ascocenda Hybrid
American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-040 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-041 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-042
American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-043 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-044 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-045
American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-046 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-047 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-048
For more pictures check out my other related updates such as the Flamingo Gardens, the International Mango Festival At Fairchild Gardens, the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, St. Andrews State Park and the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.
American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-049 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-050 American-Orchid-Society-Delray-Beach-FL-051

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