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Nissan Altima Head Light Bulb Replacment
Picture Illustrated Guide To Replacing A Headlight Bulb On A 2002+ Nissan Altima

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I recently helped a friend replace the head light bulb in his 2002 Nissan Altima.

This picture illustrated replacement guide should be useful for all Nissan Altima owners with 3rd generation vehicles that are model year 2002 or later.

The first picture in the row below is the Sylvania H1 55 Watt headlight bulb that was purchased for the swap.

This guide is specifically written for the driver side but I will also give you a rough guide on how to replace the passenger side bulb.


Headlight-Bulb-Picture Nissan-Altima-Headlight-Bulb-01
The Airbox Blocks The Bulb
Remove This Bolt

First you have to remove the bolt in the third picture above that holds the air box down.

Bolt Removed
Pop The Airbox Latches
Red Air Filter

Then unhinge the air box and move the top of the air box up and out of the way. It won't go far but you can move it a little bit. Then remove the air filter itself.

Pop The Fasteners
Nissan-Altima-Headlight-Bulb-07 Nissan-Altima-Headlight-Bulb-08
Pull The Air Dam Out

Then pop the fasteners that hold down the air dam that feeds into the air box. Pull the air dam out of the way and place it off to the side.

Nissan-Altima-Headlight-Bulb-09 Nissan-Altima-Headlight-Bulb-10
Pull The Airbox Out
Now you can pull the airbox up and off the car. It is held in place by two friction push fasteners that you have to wiggle up and out of their respective holes.

Nissan-Altima-Headlight-Bulb-12 Nissan-Altima-Headlight-Bulb-13
Airbox Fastener Hole
Above you can see the air box fastener holes and below you'll see the corresponding pegs on the air box that fit in those holes.
Nissan-Altima-Headlight-Bulb-15 Nissan-Altima-Headlight-Bulb-16
Airbox Fastener
Driver Side Headlight
Headlight Bulb Housing

Once the air dam collector and the air box are out of the car, you can easily access the turn signal bulb, high beam and low beam head light bulbs. The last two pictures on this page are of the low beam headlight bulb housing (white circular plastic cover).

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