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Waterfalls Canopy Tour - Jaco Beach, Costa Rica
Pictures & a video clip from our experience at the Waterfalls Canopy Tour company in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.

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Nature Walk

Helmets & Harnesses

Parking Lot Area
The front desk staff at the Hard Rock Resort & Casino in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica had a variety of tour options available for hotel guests.

They included an ATV tour, hiking tours, surf lessons, dirt bike tours, nature walks, a jungle adventure, a rainforest canopy tour and the Crocodile Man tour.

We chose the "Waterfalls Canopy Tour" which is offered every day at 8 AM, 11 AM and 2 PM. The cost was $58 per person which included the tour guides, bottled water, fresh tropical fruit, helmets, harnesses, and insect repellant.

The taxi dropped us off at the Waterfalls Canopy Tour company's small office, we paid with a credit card and were taken to the equipment area.

As the tour guides helped us put on our harnesses, they recited a short speech on the safety guidelines.

Canopy Tour Begins
Bridge Over Stream
Crossing Rope Bridge
Then we were led on a "Nature Walk" through the rainforest past a few small picturesque waterfalls and streams. After crossing a rope bridge and climbing up a long wooden staircase we arrived at the first platform.
Transitional Rainforest
Climbing Wooden Stairs
The Waterfalls Canopy Tour consists of 13 platforms, 7 zip line cables of different sizes, a 3 story tree house, a suspension bridge, a Tarzan swing, and a 90 foot rappel down at the end of the approximately two hour tour.
Orange Safety Helmets
2nd Platform
Zipping Along Cable
The Waterfalls Canopy Tour company has been seen on the E channel's Celebrity Adventures show, MTV's The Real World, NBC's The Today Show, and the Discovery Channel's Romantic Adventures show. This is the only tour company that has been inspected and approved by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).
Waterfalls-Canopy-Tour-Jaco-Beach-Costa-Rica-013 Waterfalls-Canopy-Tour-Jaco-Beach-Costa-Rica-014 Waterfalls-Canopy-Tour-Jaco-Beach-Costa-Rica-015
3 Story Tree House
During the Waterfalls Canopy Tour, I recorded a few short video clips with my Canon SD700 IS digital camera. I edited them together into a short movie. To view the video, click on the link below. To save the video to your hard drive, right click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". The video is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about a minute long and has a file size of 10 megabytes.

Waterfalls Canopy Tour Video Clip - Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Rainforest Treehouse
Tarzan Swing
Wood Plank Bridge

Dirt Walkway
Staircase Down Mountain
Zip Line Cable In Trees
After the exciting canopy tour concluded, the guides led us to a table covered in plates of tropical fruit and bottled waters. It was a refreshing way to end an excitement filled afternoon. We both really enjoyed the Waterfalls Canopy Tour and highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Jaco Beach area of Costa Rica.
Colorful Caterpillar
Waterfalls Canopy Tour Office
Red Flower
Waterfalls-Canopy-Tour-Jaco-Beach-Costa-Rica-025 Waterfalls-Canopy-Tour-Jaco-Beach-Costa-Rica-026
Neo Fauna
While waiting for a taxi arrive to bring us back to the hotel, we walked into the gift shop of the Neo Fauna attraction located just before the Waterfalls Canopy Tour company's office. Neo Fauna features a butterfly farm, serpentarium (snake farm), and a tropical frog garden.
Waterfalls-Canopy-Tour-Jaco-Beach-Costa-Rica-028 Waterfalls-Canopy-Tour-Jaco-Beach-Costa-Rica-029
Butterfly Farm
Serpentarium, Frog Garden
For more of my pictures from Costa Rica, visit this Hard Rock Resort & Casino Review page. The property was formerly known as "Hotel Jaco Fiesta" and it is located on Jaco Beach in the Puntarenas province.

We also experienced the Tarcoles River Crocodile Feeding, Manuel Antonio National Park, the Fincas Naturales Wildlife Refuge, Hotel "Si Como No", The Backyard Bar on Playa Hermosa, a Playa De Jaco Sunset, and the Jaco Beach to San Jose Bus Ride that winded through the tropical countryside.

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