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Playa De Jaco Sunset - Jaco, Costa Rica
Pictures of the Pacific Ocean and a tropical sunset on Jaco Beach in the City of Jaco, Costa Rica, Central America.

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Playa De Jaco

Brown Sand Beach

Jaco Beach

One of the best ways to end the day in Costa Rica, on the Pacific coast side, is to watch the sunset.

After waking up from our afternoon "siesta" (nap), we walked towards the back of the Hard Rock Resort & Casino onto Playa De Jaco.

Jaco Beach is not an idyllic white sand beach like the ones we enjoyed at Manuel Antonio National Park. The sand is mixed in with soil and other sediments that flow out of the multiple river deltas.

The area of the beach closest to the mainland is covered in small rocks and then it becomes progressively smoother as you approach the Pacific Ocean.

A large smooth rock at the top of the beach made an excellent bench for us to rest upon while we watched the sun gradually change from yellow to orange as it dipped into the ocean.

Yellow Sun Setting
Condo Tower Construction
Dog Swimming In River
Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-007 Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-008
Dogs Playing
Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-010 Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-011
River Delta

Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-013 Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-014 Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-015
Orange Sun Glowing
Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-016 Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-017 Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-018
Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-019 Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-020 Playa-De-Jaco-Sunset-Costa-Rica-021
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