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LASFIT Automotive LED Light Bulbs Review
A consumer's review of the LASFIT Auto LED headlight and front turn signal light bulbs in a 2010 Toyota Corolla.

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3157A LED Turn Signal
9006 Low Beam Headlight
We had been noticing that the low beam headlights and front turn signal light bulbs in our 2010 Toyota Corolla S were looking a bit dim.

After almost 10 years of nearly daily use, the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) halogen headlight bulbs and the traditional incandescent front turn signal light bulb had become progressively much dimmer than when the car was first purchased from Hertz Car Rental in 2012.

The LASFIT brand seemed to have excellent reviews on Amazon, so I chose the LAPlus 9006 and T-3157A LED bulbs.

Update - The friendly people at LASFIT enjoyed my review and were nice enough to email me a 10% off discount / promo / coupon code to share with my visitors.

Use the code Paul10 at the online store to save some money on your LED bulbs.

After receiving the bulbs in the mail, I did my usual "unboxing" to check out the fit and finish of the products. All of the bulbs seemed to be safely packaged. The headlight bulbs came in a sturdy box and were surrounded by custom fitted foam padding. The four bulbs all have a nice heavy feel to them that gives me the sense that they were well made and will last a very long time.

I was very excited to get out to the garage and install these new light bulbs!


2010 Toyota Corolla
Old Dim Turn Signal Bulb
LASFIT 3157A Amber
I started off by replacing the front turn signal light bulbs.

The picture in the row above is the "Before" picture of the OEM incandescent front turn signal light bulb.

Old Vs. New LED Bulb
Much Brighter LED Bulb
New LASFIT Low Beam
In the row above you'll see the "After" picture when I installed the LASFIT 3157 amber colored front turn signal light bulb.

It's really hard to just tell from these pictures, but my first reaction was "WOW" when I turned on the hazard signals.

The front turn signal with the new LED bulb was so much brighter than the old incandescent bulb on the other side of the car.

Old 9006 Vs. New LED
Rubber O-Ring Gaskets
Comparing Size of Bulbs
Next, I removed the old halogen 9006 low beam light bulb from the headlight and compared the size to the new LASFIT LAPlus 9006 bulb to make sure it would fit properly.

It looked like it was going to be a perfect fit.

I used their "Bulb Finder" feature on the LASFIT website to make sure I was getting the correct bulbs for my 2010 Corolla.


Connect Power Plug
Test New 9006 LED
Super Bright LED Bulb
I connected the new LED 9006 bulb to the electrical connector and turned on the headlights to test it outside of the headlight housing.

Once again, I exclaimed "WOW" to myself when the bulb fired up.

It is significantly brighter than the old halogen bulb.

I love how the light is a cool 6000K "daylight" temperature that will surely get noticed by other drivers at night.

I have some experience many years ago installing those expensive "Hyper White" Xenon halogen headlight bulbs in a friend's car and thinking how cheesy the blue tinted light coming out of them looked. They just made my friend's car look like a cheap beater.

But these new LED bulbs emit that pure white light that reminds me of new high end vehicles like Audi, BMW or Mercedes Benz cars.

Cooling Fan Bottom Edge
Quiet & Smooth Fan
New Bulb Installed
The bottom edge of the 9006 LED bulb has a cooling fan on it that you can hear when the engine is off and you're in a quiet garage like I was tonight.

But the fan seems to run smoothly and very quietly. I'm sure it wouldn't be audible with the hood closed and the vehicle outside with common ambient noises in the background.

Certainly with the engine running there is no way you would hear the fun running.

I installed the new 9006 LED bulb into the headlight housing and made sure the LEDs were facing out towards the left and right of the vehicle.

The instructions state that the LEDs should not be pointed up and down but at the 3 PM and 6 PM position when viewing the headlight housing from the front.

So one LED should be pointing straight over to the driver side and the other should be pointing straight at the passenger side.

Left Old - Right New
Driver Side New
Passenger Side - Old
The picture above shows the old halogen low beam light bulb on the left (passenger) side of the car and the new LED low beam bulb on the right (driver) side of the car.

Once again, the pictures don't come close to showing just how nice and bright the new LED bulb looks.

I took the car for a short test drive around a very dark section of our neighborhood where there aren't any street lights and the new headlight bulbs illuminated every detail.

I'll be updating this review again in the future if we have any issues with the bulbs. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the bulbs and I love how driving at night feels safer.

If I do have any issues, I'm happy to see that LASFIT offers a free 30 day return policy and also the bulbs come with a 1 year warranty.

If you like decals to customize your ride, there are three "LASFIT AUTO LED LIGHTING" stickers included in the headlight bulbs package in red, white and black lettering.

Be sure to use my 10% off discount / coupon / promotional code Paul10 when you order from

If you want to check out more user reviews here is the LASFIT Automotive LED Lighting store on Amazon.

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