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Gulf World Marine Park - Panama City Beach, FL
Pictures, a video clip & visitor info from a trip to Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, Bay County, Florida.

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Paul B. Michaels
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Front Beach Road
Gulf World Entrance
Gift Shop
Gulf World Marine Park is one of the most popular attractions in Panama City Beach and should be on your "must-see" list if you're visiting the Bay County area, especially if you have kids.

The ample parking lot and entrance into Gulf World is located at 15412 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach, FL 32413. To reach the staff by phone, call 850-234-5271.

Admission prices are $27 for adults and $17 for children 5 to 11 years of age. For a $3 off printable PDF coupon, visit their website - Gulf World Marine Park. Local residents or frequent visitors may want to purchase an annual pass.

The park is open daily at 9 AM till at least 5 PM most of the year and till 7 PM during the summer.

Gulf World is closed from December 1st through the 25th and for a few days around Thanksgiving in November.

Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-004 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-005
Two Friendly Dolphins
The general admission price includes a variety of animal shows such as the shark & turtle feeding, the reptile show, the California sea lion show, the exotic bird show, the dolphin show, the underwater scuba demo, and the Maximum Magic show. Be sure to pick up a park guide for a list of show times which begin at 9:15 AM and go until 4:15 PM. Gulf World Annual pass holders also receive discounts on special programs or live music concerts in addition to unlimited free admission for an entire year.
Windows In Gift Shop
Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-008 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-009
If you'll be in Panama City Beach for awhile, you can give your kids the thrill of a lifetime by signing them up for one of Gulf World's special programs including the Swim with the Dolphins experience, Trainer for a Day, or Dolphin Day Camp. Advance reservations are required for all the programs and age and/or height requirements may apply.
Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-010 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-011
Walkway To Exhibits
Florida Alligator
Just a few of the creatures you'll get to admire during a visit to Gulf World Marine Park include dolphins, alligators, penguins, flamingo birds, stingrays, tropical fish in the Coral Reef Aquarium, iguanas, sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, tortoises, snakes, Koi goldfish, Macaw parrots, and a variety of lizards.
Japanese Koi Pond
If you get hungry during your visit to the Gulf World Marine Park, visit the Gulf World Grille the Tiki Bar or the Snack Bar at the Dolphin Stadium. Other features of the park include a First Aid station, an ATM, the Photo Center, the Magic Shop, the Tropical Garden Theatre, the Coral Reef Theatre, the Sea Lion Stadium, several restrooms, and a smoking area.
Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-016 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-017 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-018
Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Shark & Sea Turtles
Great White Shark Statue
Sea Lions Exhibit
Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-023 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-024
Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-025 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-026 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-027
Hungry Sea Lions

Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-028 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-029
Penguins Exhibit
Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-031 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-032 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-033
During our visit to Gulf World Marine Park, I captured a few short video clips and edited them together into one brief movie. To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Gulf World Marine Park Video Clip - Panama City Beach, FL

Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-034 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-035
Dolphins Exhibit
Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-037 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-038 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-039
Coral Reef Aquarium
Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-041 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-042
Sea Lion Feeding Time
Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-043 Gulf-World-Marine-Park-Panama-City-Beach-FL-044
Flamingo Exhibit

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