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Fagor Splendid Pressure Cooker Review & Recipes
A consumer's opinion of the Fagor Splendid Pressure Cooker Pot including pictures, usage instructions & simple recipes.

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Fagor Splendid 4 Quart

Linens 'N Things $59.99

Made In Spain

I have my TiVo set to record the "Good Eats" show on the Food Network that features celebrity chef Alton Brown.

After seeing Alton Brown use a pressure cooker during a recent episode of the show, my interest was piqued by this interesting piece of cookware.

We picked up a Fagor Splendid 4 Quart Pressure Cooker at Linens 'N Things for $59.99 plus tax.

Included in the box was the four quart pot, a rubber gasket, the locking lid with safety release valve on the handle, a full color cook book, and the owner's instruction manual.

This pressure cooker features 18/10 stainless steel construction, an aluminum sandwich base for even heating, Underwriters Laboratories approval, and a 10 year warranty.

Full Color Cookbook
User's Manual
18/10 Stainless Steel
The principal benefit of using a pressure cooker rather than a traditional pot is the significant decrease in required cooking time for any type of recipe.

For example, jasmine rice and whole grain brown rice take 15-20 and 45-50 minutes to cook respectively using a regular pot.

With the pressure cooker those times are reduced considerably to just 5-7 minutes for the jasmine rice and 15-20 minutes for the whole grain brown rice.

U.L. Approved
Gasket & Safety Valve
Gas-Electric Vitro-Induction
The Fagor Pressure Cooker is able to cook food so quickly because of the locking lid and gasket which create an air tight seal.

Every recipe must include at least 1/2 cup of water or other liquids which are necessary to create the steam and pressure.

Once the liquid starts boiling at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the water turns into steam and pressure within the pot begins to rise until it reaches a high of 15 PSI (pounds per square inch) and the temperature rises to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

The high pressure inside the pot breaks down the fibers of foods and forces super heated moisture in, which creates deliciously juicy meals in a much shorter period of time.

The increased temperature of 250 F (38 degress above boiling) also works to rapidly cook all of your recipe's ingredients.

Lid Slide Lock Mechanism
Lid Closing Instructions
Risotto Rice & Chicken Broth
I was anxious to try out the pressure cooker but first I sat down and read both the user's manual and the pressure cooker recipe book. I had read that pressure cookers can be potentially dangerous if not used and maintained properly.

Contained in the owner's manual are the instructions for home canning, pressure cooker care, cleaning, maintenance guide for safe use, a troubleshooting section and cooking instructions for almost every type of food.

I often refer back to the manual for the cooking times which are listed for fresh vegetables, frozen veggies, fresh fruit, dried fruit, dried beans, grains, rice, meat, seafood, soups, sauces, and preserves.

Chicken & Spinach Risotto
Cubed Red Potatoes
Browning Chicken Breasts
One of the first dishes we prepared using just the pressure cooker was two chicken breasts with spinach and risotto rice.

Preparing risotto rice in the traditional method requires about 25-30 minutes of constant stirring over a simmering pot.

With the pressure cooker, it only takes about 7-10 minutes of cooking time and absolutely no stirring to create a creamy but al dente risotto rice.

To prepare the chicken breasts, I browned them on both sides on medium-high heat for a few minutes and then cooked them on high pressure for 5 minutes with 1/2 cup of chicken broth in the pressure cooker to add extra flavor.

Since then, we've used our pressure cooker to quickly prepare faux BBQ pork ribs, Cuban style black beans (dried), homemade hummus (dried chickpeas), mashed potatoes, tomato sauce, ground beef chili, and vegetable soup.

Chicken, Potatoes & Vegetables
Southern Style Boiled Ribs
Pressure Cooker Faux BBQ Ribs
I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other recipes that are in the Fagor cookbook that came with the pressure cooker. Just a few of the recipes that have caught my eye include the ratatouille vegetable stew, the German potato salad, the candied yams, the French onion soup, the Manhattan clam chowder, the beef bourguignon, the old fashioned meat loaf, the sweet & sour Chinese style spare ribs, the chicken cacciatore, and the Spanish style paella.

There are also some very tempting dessert recipes in the cook book such as the cinnamon apple flan, rice pudding, creamy cheesecake, the spice apple crunch, the custard and the bread pudding.

Overall I'm very pleased with our purchase of the Fagor Splendid Pressure Cooker. I feel like we don't have to plan ahead for our meals as much as we did in the past since the cooking times are reduced by about 70%. It was definitely worth the $59.99 that we paid for it. We're thinking of buying another of these pots in the future since just having just one can slow down the cooking process when multiple items need to be cooked separately.

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