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Downtown Boca Raton Zombie Crawl - Halloween 2009
Pictures and event info from the 2009 Downtown Boca Raton Zombie Bar Crawl held in Palm Beach County, FL.

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Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-001 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-002 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-003
I've always enjoyed horror movies featuring zombies, so I jumped at the chance to join the 2009 Downtown Boca Raton Zombie Bar Crawl.

The crawl was held on the nights of Friday October 30th and again on Saturday October 31st.

We joined the Boca Raton Zombie Bar Crawl inside The Dubliner Irish Pub located in the Mizner Park dining and retail shopping complex.

From there the zombies progressed to other establishments in the area such as Max's Grille, Boardriders, Soba Lounge, Tucci's Fire-N-Coal Pizza, The Lodge, Murphy's Downtown, O'Brian's Irish Pub, and Zed 451.

Each bar or club had special drink prices for the zombie crawl participants. The presale price for the wristbands was $5 and it later went up to $10 right before the event weekend.

Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-004 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-005 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-006
Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-007 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-008 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-009
Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-010 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-011 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-012

Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-013 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-014 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-015
Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-016 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-017 Boca-Raton-Zombie-Bar-Crawl-October-2009-018
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