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Debbie Meyer Green Bags Product Review
My opinion of the Debbie Meyer GreenBags including a banana freshness experiment with before & after pictures.

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Summary: The GreenBags do seem to keep produce fresher for longer. The $9.99 price is worth it if you buy in bulk.

Debbie Meyer $9.99
GreenBag  Retail Packaging
Instructions Sheet

I received a box of 20 Debbie Meyer GreenBags™ as a gift from a family member. I'm usually a bit skeptical of any "As Seen On TV" products and this was no exception.

So I decided to conduct a little product test to see if they actually do help fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer.

After the last trip to our local Publix supermarket, I set aside two of the bananas that we purchased for the experiment.

I wrapped one of the bananas securely inside a Debbie Meyer GreenBag and put it on the right side of the plate. Then I placed the other banana on the left side of the plate.

The experiment started on Monday morning at 9:30 AM and I ended it about 4 days later on Friday morning at 9:30 AM.

The plate was kept in a dark corner of an air conditioned room.

10 Large & 10 Medium Bags
Two New Fresh Bananas
One Banana In GreenBag
I would have liked to extend the GreenBags product test for a few days longer, but I enjoy cutting up a banana into my morning cereal so I waited as long as I could. We also live very close to a Publix supermarket and go food shopping about once a week so we only buy small amounts of fresh produce to last us through the week.
Monday 9:30 AM
Friday 9:30 AM
GreenBag Banana 4 Days

Even with this relatively short experiment, I was able to see results that suggest that the GreenBags actually may help keep fruits and vegetables edible for a longer period of time. The banana left out in the open air developed a significantly larger amount of black spots than the banana wrapped in the GreenBag.

I also noticed that the open air banana had a mushy texture while the GreenBag banana tasted fresher. The last difference became apparent a few minutes after I had sampled the bananas. The open air banana peel turned almost completely black while the GreenBag banana peel retained some of its yellow color for much longer.

Open Air Banana 4 Days
Softer, Left - Firmer, Right
Banana Peels - 5 Minutes

Since fresh produce doesn't hang around for more than a few days in our household before it is eaten, I don't think I'll be buying the Debbie Meyer GreenBags in the future. If you buy lots of fruit or vegetables in bulk, like at Costco for example, then I think the $9.99 price for 20 bags is well worth the savings you'll see by not having your fruits and vegetables spoil.

The packaging claims that the Debbie Meyer GreenBags are re-usable "several times" and that you should use a different bag for each kind of produce. The instructions says that all the produce should be dry before placing them in the bag and to wipe out any condensation or other moisture frequently with a paper towel to avoid spoilage. Then close the bag by folding it over.

Apparently the bags work by removing ethylene gases which are released during the natural ripening process of fruits and vegetables. The bags are impregnated with a natural mineral that they call 'Oya® which absorbs the ethylene gas.

A few of the produce items that they list as being compatible with the GreenBags include berries, sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, mushrooms, lettuce, broccoli, eggplant, oranges, melons, peaches, pears, strawberries, onions, celery, herbs and even fresh cut flowers.

Since the experiment, I've been using the bags to keep our celery, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and other fresh items fresher for longer. I haven't left anything in the bags for more than a week but they really do seem to make a difference.

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