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Santa Barbara California
Pictures From Our Vacation In Beautiful Santa Barbara California

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California Palm Trees



As we continued our walking tour of Santa Barbara California we came upon a skate park with a few skateboarders zipping around.

I stopped for a minute to snap a few pictures and watch the kids practice their moves.

The weather was perfect for skateboarding with just a few tiny clouds in the sky and a pleasant temperature of about 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

I looked at the average weather patterns for Santa Barbara California on and this part of the state stays relatively nice all year long.

Santa Barbara Skate Park
Chase Palm Park Santa Barbara

The picture in the middle of this row shows a rock with a plaque that shows the philanthropists who donated land and/or money for the creation of the Chase Palm Park 10 Acre Expansion.

This park was dedicated to the citizens of Santa Barbara on May 30th, 1988. In the center of Chase Palm Park we found a fountain which served as a backdrop for a few pictures.

Whenever I find a nice background, such as the fountain, I hold the camera towards us with one hand and take a few snapshots of our smiling heads or with my girlfriend kissing my cheek.

Santa-Barbara-Sights-22 Santa-Barbara-Sights-23 Santa-Barbara-Sights-24

In the middle of this row you'll see a picture of a large white building that flanks Chase Palm Park. I don't remember what the purpose of this building was but it looks like the word Carousel and the date 1998 are engraved into the stone above the arches. The last picture in this row shows the bridge that leads us over into another part of Chase Palm Park called Laguna Creek.

Santa-Barbara-Sights-25 Santa-Barbara-Sights-26 Santa-Barbara-Sights-27
Laguna Creek Park

I'm guessing that Laguna Creek was a part of Chase Palm Park since the wooden bridge led right into it. Some of the native plants listed on the sign we found in the Laguna Creek reserve were the California Wild Rose, Sycamore Trees, Willows, Toyon, Wild Morning Glory, Mountain Mint, Wild Current, Wild Blackberry, and the Bee Plant.

Santa-Barbara-Sights-28 Santa-Barbara-Sights-29 Santa-Barbara-Sights-30

Laguna Creek was created by the department of Parks & Recreation of the City of Santa Barbara California. The reserve is actually just a tiny piece of a large wetland that was called El Estero, that used to cover a most of the East side of Santa Barbara. Laguna Creek is the result of efforts to recreate a niparian habitat like the one that used to exist here naturally. The wetlands that used to exist all over Santa Barbara, known as El Estero, used to provide materials and food for the indigenous Chumash indians.

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