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Santa Barbara California
Pictures From Our Vacation In Beautiful Santa Barbara California

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Yes, even more pictures of our walks on the Santa Barbara Beach.

I took a picture of my feet to prove that I was actually in the Pacific Ocean. This was before our Kayaking adventure so it was still a first for me.

The last picture in the row above is another one of those romantic silhouettes.

Our time on the beach didn't last too long since we both noticed that were a large amount of sand fleas jumping around on our feet and legs.


Santa Barbara Beach

The Marina Beach Motel where we were staying had a bunch of bicycles that you could borrow for free. I picked a blue bike while she chose a girly pink bike. After riding over to the pier known as Stearns Wharf, we continued on to the volleyball courts where we watched some people playing a friendly game.

Santa-Barbara-Sights-67 Santa-Barbara-Sights-68
Santa Barbara Mission

We returned the bicycles to the Marina Beach motel and jumped in the rental car for a trip over to the Santa Barbara Mission which is located at 2201 Laguna Street. The Santa Barbara Mission was founded in 1786 and it is one of the twenty one Franciscan churches in California. Near the mission you can see the old water works of Santa Barbara that were constructed using the labor of the Chumash Indians.

Santa-Barbara-Sights-70 Santa-Barbara-Sights-71 Santa-Barbara-Sights-72

Right in front of the Santa Barbara Mission is a colorful flower garden with a variety of Roses and other flowers. There were a few couples and families lounging on the grass or tossing around a Frisbee.

Santa-Barbara-Sights-73 Santa-Barbara-Sights-74
Bird of Paradise Flower

Near the Santa Barbara pier also known as Stearns Wharf we spotted these interesting flowers. When we got back to the Marina Beach Motel I used their free wireless and Google Images to find out the name of the flower. It's called the Bird of Paradise. The Bird of Paradise is a plant that originates from South Africa and is part of the banana family.

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