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American Orchid Society - Summer 2008
Pictures from a visit to the American Orchid Society, located in Delray Beach Florida, during the summer of 2008.

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AOS Water Fountain

White & Yellow Orchid

American Orchid Society

This was our second visit to the American Orchid Society, also known as the "AOS", located in Delray Beach, FL.

The first occasion was in January of 2008 when the weather was cold, or at least as cold as it can get in South Florida.

During the winter, the orchids inside the greenhouse were amazing but it seemed like the rest of the grounds were a bit dormant due to the weather.

In comparison to winter, the grounds during the summer were teeming with life including a variety of plants, animals, and insects.

Some of the wildlife we saw included a marsh hare, a southern black racer snake, a squirrel, lizards, multi colored dragonflies, butterflies and a variety of birds.

American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-004 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-005 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-006
Bright Red Flower
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-007 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-008 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-009
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-010 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-011
Purple Water Lily
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-013 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-014 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-015
Red Dragonfly
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-017 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-018
Small Pond
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-019 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-020 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-021
Morikami Museum
In one section of the American Orchid Society's grounds, you can see Lake Huntington and the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens on the other side of it. I highly recommend a visit if you have the time.
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-022 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-023 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-024
Yellow Flower
Bird On Tree Branch
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-026 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-027
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-028 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-029
Marsh Hare In Bushes
Blue & Yellow Dragonfly
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-031 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-032 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-033
Monarch Butterfly
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-035 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-036
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-037 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-038 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-039

During our visit, I also recorded a few short video clips to capture the sounds of the AOS gardens. To view the movie, click on the link below or Right Click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to download the file to your hard drive. The file is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 30 seconds long, and has a file size of 8 mb (megabytes).

American Orchid Society Waterfalls & Bamboo Forest Video Clip
American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-040 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-041 American-Orchid-Society-Summer-2008-042

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