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Kia Sorento Serpentine Accessory Belt Replacement Guide
How to change the serpentine accessory belt on a 3rd generation 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Kia Sorento.

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2019 Sorento 3.3L V6
Under Engine Cover
Loosen Counterclockwise

This automotive maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the third generation (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020) Kia Sorento SUV in changing the serpentine accessory belt on the Lambda II GDI 3.3 liter V6 engine. (The procedure may be similar for the Theta II 2.4L I4 engine and the Theta II Turbocharged 2.0L I4 engine.)

Owners of other Kia, Hyundai and Genesis vehicles such as the Soul, Seltos, Sportage, Niro, Telluride, Forte, Rio, Optima, Stinger, Cadenza, K900, Sedona, Kona, Venue, Santa Fe, Elantra, Sonata, Accent, Veloster, Ioniq, Nexo, G70, G80 and G90 may also find these instructions to be helpful.

A few compatible replacement serpentine accessory belts for the Lambda II GDI 3.3L V6 engine with their part numbers are as follows: Gates K060747, Continental 4060747, Dayco 5060750 and ACDelco 6K747.

The tools required to complete this procedure include a 10mm socket with a 1/4" drive ratchet and a 19mm socket with a 1/2" drive ratchet.

The best way to access the belt is from the underside of the engine bay. You might be able to squeeze under the vehicle, but I chose to raise it for more working room.

Carefully raise the front of the SUV with the floor jack and securely support it with at least two jack stands.

Remove the bolts that secure the under engine cover or "skid plate" by turning them in the counterclockwise direction with the 10mm socket, a short extension bar and a 1/4" drive ratchet.


Remove Bolts
2016-2020-Kia-Sorento-V6-Engine-Serpentine-Accessory-Belt-Replacement-Guide-005 2016-2020-Kia-Sorento-V6-Engine-Serpentine-Accessory-Belt-Replacement-Guide-006
Continue removing all of the bolts on the under engine cover.
Pull Off Skid Plate
Slide Back Cover
Oil Pan & Exhaust
Once you've removed all eleven bolts, pull off the cover and slide it back away from the engine.
11 Bolts Removed
Belts & Pulleys - Under
View of Belt From Top
With the cover removed, you'll be able to easily see the old belt and the various pulleys such as the crankshaft, tensioner, water pump (coolant pump), two idler pulleys, A/C compressor and alternator pulley.
Inspect Belt Routing
A/C Compressor
Water Pump & Idler
Take a moment to study how the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) belt is routed around the pulleys.

I've also included a rough drawing of the belt routing diagram below.

2016-2020-Kia-Sorento-V6-Engine-Serpentine-Accessory-Belt-Replacement-Guide-016 2016-2020-Kia-Sorento-V6-Engine-Serpentine-Accessory-Belt-Replacement-Guide-017 2016-2020-Kia-Sorento-V6-Engine-Serpentine-Accessory-Belt-Replacement-Guide-018
Belt Routing Diagram
Tensioner Pulley & Arm
Socket & 1/2" Ratchet
Socket On Tensioner Hex
The tensioner pulley and arm assembly is situated near the middle of the passenger side of the engine.

Attach the 19mm socket to the 1/2" ratchet or a long handled 1/2" drive breaker bar.

Locate the hex head "fake" / "false" / "dummy" nut on the tensioner assembly.

If you look at Picture # 19 in the row above, you'll see a red arrow pointing to the tension release nut on the tensioner arm situated just below the tensioner pulley.

Do NOT rotate the bolt at the bottom of the tensioner assembly with the number "10" printed on it. This bolt holds the tensioner assembly in place to the engine.

Place the 19mm socket over the false hex nut attached to the tensioner arm.

Release Tension On Belt
Slip Old Belt Off Pulleys
Old Belt Removed
Rotate the ratchet or breaker bar handle forward towards the front of the SUV.

If you view Picture # 22, you'll see a red arrow pointing in the correct direction that you'll need to rotate the bottom of the ratchet or breaker bar.

As your rotate the ratchet handle towards the front of the SUV, the tensioner arm and pulley will rotate back towards the rear of the vehicle.

Hold the tensioner arm in the released position with one hand.

Very carefully use your other hand to slip the old belt off the A/C compressor pulley or the crankshaft pulley.

Do NOT place your fingers or hands in between the belt and any of the pulleys!

Slowly release the tensioner arm and allow it to swing back into its resting position.

Continue slipping the old belt off the other pulleys including the alternator, idler pulleys, water pump, crankshaft and A/C compressor.

OEM Kia Part Number
Lower In New Belt
Wrap Belt Around Pulleys
Inspect the old belt and look for any cracks, exposed metal cables or chunks of missing rubber.

If the old belt is still in decent condition, consider keeping it as an emergency backup part just in case the new belt fails prematurely.

The OEM belt was marked as part number Hyundai / Kia 25212-3LAA0 6 PK 1705 ContiTech (Made In Romania).

Check to see if the two idler pulleys and the tensioner pulley spin freely. If the pulleys are difficult to spin, make noise or wobble, the bearings might be worn out and the pulleys should be replaced.

The compatible replacement part numbers for the pulleys are as follows: Tensioner Pulley - Dayco 89133 and Idler Pulleys - Dayco 89164.

If the old belt was loose or the tensioner arm was very easy to rotate back, you may need to replace the tensioner assembly.

The tensioner assembly replacement part numbers include the following: Hyundai / Kia 25281-3C100 (252813C100), ACDelco 39104, Dayco 89654 and Gates 39104.

Lower a new compatible replacement aftermarket belt such as the Gates K060747 down into the engine bay.

Begin by wrapping the new belt around the large crankshaft pulley.

Holding Last Loop
Rotate Tensioner Arm
Slip Belt Over Pulley
Then route the belt in front of the tensioner, around the water pump, below the upper idler, around the alternator, behind the lower idler and hold the last loop near the A/C compressor.

Hold the last loop of the new belt in place near the A/C compressor pulley.

With your other hand, rotate the tensioner arm back to the released position.

Very carefully slip the last loop of the new belt over the A/C compressor pulley.

Do NOT place your fingers or hands in between the belt and any of the pulleys!

New Belt Installed
2016-2020-Kia-Sorento-V6-Engine-Serpentine-Accessory-Belt-Replacement-Guide-032 2016-2020-Kia-Sorento-V6-Engine-Serpentine-Accessory-Belt-Replacement-Guide-033
Double Check Routing
Double check that the new belt is properly routed and fully seated on all of the ribbed pulleys.

I created a rough drawing of the belt routing diagram which is shown in Picture # 18.

Make sure that the ribbed side of the new belt is wrapped around the ribbed pulleys and the flat side of the belt is situated against the smooth tensioner pulley and two idler pulleys.

Slide Forward Cover
Hold Cover In Place
Spin In Bolts
Once you are certain that the new belt is properly installed, slide the fabric / plastic under engine cover forward and hold it in place with one hand.

With your other hand, spin in the bolts a few turns by hand in the clockwise direction.

Tighten Clockwise
Lower Car From Stands
Belt Replacement Done!
Tighten the eleven bolts on the "skid plate" until they are snug.

Carefully lower the SUV from the jack stands by using the floor jack.

Start the engine and listen closely for any strange noises.

If you do hear any strange sounds, immediately turn off the ignition and check the belt installation again.

Don't forget to write down the belt change in your vehicle's service records.

Please take a look at all of my 2016-2020 Kia Sorento DIY Repair & Maintenance Guides.

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