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University of Florida Campus
Pictures from a driving tour of the University of Florida campus located in Gainesville, FL within Alachua County.

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Dickinson Hall

We started our driving tour of the University of Florida Campus by turning on to Hull Road from SW 34th St.

From there we passed the Harn Museum, the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, and the SW Rec. Center.

Then we headed over to the Baughman Center, which sits in front of Lake Alice. After we passed that, we saw the UF Bat House, and the UF Student Agricultural Gardens.

I didn't get a good shot of Dickinson Hall where the Natural History Museum resides but you can see its distinctive roof in the pictures above.

From there we exited the UF campus on Museum Road to SW 13th St (A.K.A. 441) while passing the Jennings Dormitories.

Jennings Hall Dorms
SW 13th St. & Museum Rd.
Gary R. Gerson Hall
University-of-Florida-Gainesville-26 University-of-Florida-Gainesville-27
Criser Hall

University-of-Florida-Gainesville-29 University-of-Florida-Gainesville-30 University-of-Florida-Gainesville-31
Union Road
University-of-Florida-Gainesville-32 University-of-Florida-Gainesville-33 University-of-Florida-Gainesville-34
UF Bookstore & Welcome Center
University-of-Florida-Gainesville-35 University-of-Florida-Gainesville-37 University-of-Florida-Gainesville-38

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