Steeda Ford Mustang Pictures

In 2005, Ford released a new body style for the Ford Mustang American muscle car. Custom car companies such as Roush, Saleen and Steeda rushed to release their own version of the 2005 Mustang with upgraded styling and increased horsepower output.

I attended a Ford Mustang car show at Moroso Motorsports Raceway in Palm Beach Florida and took pictures of the 2005 Steeda Mustang.

2005 Steeda Mustang Photo Album

2005 Steeda Ford Mustang Pictures - Moroso Motorsports Park

45″ Mitsubishi TV Destruction

When I started my college career, my father gifted me his old 45″ Mitsubishi big screen rear projection television. During my last year at the University of Florida, the TV burnt out, so we demolished it and threw it away rather than pay $800.00 for a TV repair shop to fix it.

To check out the photos of my friends and I destroying a 45 inch Mitsubishi? big screen rear projection television, click on the link below.

45″? Mitsubishi Big Screen TV Demolition Photos

Mitsubishi Big Screen TV Destruction?