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Tulum Mayan Ruins, Mexico
Pictures from our trip to the Tulum Mayan Ruins located near Cozumel on the shores of the Caribbean coast.

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Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-001 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-002
Caribbean Sea
The ancient city of Tulum is about an hour away by bus from Cozumel Mexico.

Tulum, which means "wall" in the Mayan language, is located directly on a large bluff overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

During it's golden age, Tulum was a major sea port and trading area for the Mayan civilization.

Unfortunately for the Mayans, the Spaniards conquered the Yucatan Peninsula during the early 1500's. They also brought with them common diseases from Europe that effectively wiped out the Mayan population. So Tulum like other ancient Mayan cities, was eventually abandoned.

Within the walled city of Tulum there used to be many homes created out of wood from palm trees. But now only the political, educational and religious stone buildings still stand.

Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-004 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-005 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-006

Some of the notable Mayan buildings contained within Tulum's walls are the Castillo (Castle), Temple of the Frescoes, Temple of The Winds, Temple of the Warriors, and the Temple of Descending God.

Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-007 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-008 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-009
Getting into Tulum costs about $12 USD per person and people who bring in a traditional video camera have to pay a few dollars more. Luckily most digital still photo cameras nowadays can capture good quality video clips, but I digress. The Tulum Mayan Ruins are located about 2 hours (130KM) away from Cancun in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.
Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-010 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-011 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-012
Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-013 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-014 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-015
Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-016 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-017 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-018
Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-019 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-020 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-021
Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-022 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-023 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-024
Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-025 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-026 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-027
Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-028 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-029 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-030
Tulum Castillo (Castle)
Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-032 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-033
Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-034 Tulum-Mayan-Ruins-Mexico-035
The Tulum Beach

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