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Summit SBC-500B Beer Kegerator
Pictures and a review of my Summit SBC-500B portable beer dispenser keg refrigerator with chrome tap tower.

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Summit SBC 500B
5 LB Co2 Tank
Full Size Beer Keg
I purchased this Summit SBC-500B portable draft beer dispensing keg refrigerator for about $600.00 during my last year of college.

Rather than spend $12 on a twelve pack of Budweiser beer, I did the math and it was clear that a kegerator would be much more economical.

Let's say that you buy a 12 pack of beer every weekend for you and your friends to responsibly enjoy. That comes out to $624 a year in 12 packs.

A full sized keg equals about 165 beers or the equivalent of nearly 14 twelve packs.

So you would need to buy 4 kegs to equal a year's worth of weekend twelve packs.

At $50 a keg, each beer is only $0.30 so the same amount of keg beer in weekly twelve packs would equal only about $188.00.

Summit-Kegerator-04 Summit-Kegerator-05 Summit-Kegerator-06
Since a keg refrigerator or "kegerator" such as the commercial quality Summit SBC-500B is a consumer durable, it can reliably cool your full sized beer kegs for over 5 years.

So if you save $436 a year ($624 for a year of weekly 12 packs minus $188 for 4 kegs) you would easily be able to justify the cost of the $600 kegerator to your wife or girlfriend.

Summit-Kegerator-07 Summit-Kegerator-08 Summit-Kegerator-09
Co2 Tank Pressure Gauge
The Summit SBC-500B comes with everything you need to get started saving money including the 5lb Co2 tank, beer lines, tap tower, cleaning kit, drip tray, chrome tray guard, swivel wheel casters, chrome draft beer dispenser head and American "D" keg coupler.
Chrome Beer Dispenser Tap
Summit-Kegerator-11 Summit-Kegerator-12
Since it is very energy efficient the Summit SBC-500B beer refrigerator only costs about $40 a year to run.

The only other expense that you'll encounter with any kegerator is to charge the Co2 tank.

You'll need to find a company that charges gas tanks for public use such as Paintball equipment stores or Fire Extinguisher recharging businesses.

Summit-Kegerator-13 Summit-Kegerator-14
Chrome Beer Tap Tower
2 1/2" Swivel Casters
Line Cleaning Kit
Tap Line Sanitizing Powder
Summit-Kegerator-19 Summit-Kegerator-20
Draft Beer Drip Tray
Summit-Kegerator-22 Summit-Kegerator-23 Summit-Kegerator-24

Summit-Kegerator-25 Summit-Kegerator-26 Summit-Kegerator-27
Summit-Kegerator-28 Summit-Kegerator-29 Summit-Kegerator-30
Temperature Control Knob
Summit-Kegerator-31 Summit-Kegerator-32 Summit-Kegerator-33
Instruction Manuals
American D System Coupler
Summit-Kegerator-35 Summit-Kegerator-36
Summit-Kegerator-37 Summit-Kegerator-38
Glossy Black Cabinet
Summit-Kegerator-40 Summit-Kegerator-41 Summit-Kegerator-42
Summit-Kegerator-43 Summit-Kegerator-44 Summit-Kegerator-45
Summit-Kegerator-46 Summit-Kegerator-47 Summit-Kegerator-48
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