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Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 Review
A consumer's review of the Sony e-book Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300  including pictures, a video clip, and usage tips.

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Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-001 Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-002 Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-003
This Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 was purchased back in December of 2009 for $189.99. It can currently be had for about $160-$170 depending on the color (Rose, Silver, or Dark Blue).

Upon first holding the Sony PRS-300RC, I was impressed by the solid construction and sturdy metal case. Also inside the box was a short USB data/charging wire, a soft pouch carrying case, and the user manual.

The Sony Reader Pocket Edition features 512 MB of onboard memory, a 5" 800x600 E Ink Vizplez screen, three font sizes, eight levels of grayscale, a 7500 page turn built in Lithium Ion battery, and the ability to read a variety of e-book formats.

Some of the formats it accepts include ePub, HTML, text, PDF, MS Word, BBeB books, and both Non-DRM or Adobe DRM.

Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-004 Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-005 Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-006
I had read online that the Sony eBook Library software included with the PRS-300 wasn't as user friendly as other third party options.

So I instead chose to install the Calibre E-Book management software on the end user's computer, which has worked great for the past few months.

I recently had to install the Sony eBook Library software on her computer in order to download some books from a public library website. If you can, just use Calibre and skip the Sony eBook Library software.

Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-007 Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-008 Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-009
I downloaded a few public domain books in a variety of formats from the Project Gutenberg free e-book site to test out the reader and the Calibre software.

It was surprisingly easy to transfer the ePub, Text, PDF, and HTML files to the PRS-300.

Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-010 Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-011 Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-012
After a week, I quizzed the user about her experience with the Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS300. She said that overall she enjoyed using the device and only had a few small complaints. She mentioned that it took a while to get used to the grey/white flash that the screen does during each page turn.

She also wished that the screen was slightly larger and that there were additional page turn buttons further towards the edge of the reader.

But these were minor complaints when compared to the convenience of being able to tote around hundreds of books in such a compact device.

She remarked that the screen does do a great job of replicating the appearance of an actual paper book.

Home Screen
Books By Title
Old Camera Wrist Strap
To help prevent the device from suffering a fall and being damaged, I attached an old unused digital camera wrist strap to the wrist strap loop at the bottom of the reader.

I'd recommend that other owners should buy a wrist strap on eBay and also get a hard case if you aren't particularly careful with your electronics.

Reader & Wrist Strap
Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-017 Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-018

Device Lock Feature
Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-020 Sony-Reader-PRS-300-Pocket-Edition-Review-021
While testing out the Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS300RC, I captured a short video clip to show you how it "turns" the page and how quickly the buttons react.

To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Sony Reader PRS300 Pocket Edition Video Clip

USB Data/Charge Mode
Calibre Software
Transferring eBooks
Project Gutenberg Site
Sense & Sensibility
Screen Size Comparison
10.1" / 5" / 4" / 3" Screens
Netbook / Reader / PDA / Phone
5" / 4" / 3" Screens
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