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Ski Rixen - Quiet Waters Park - Deerfield Beach, FL
Pictures, a video, and visitor info from a trip to the Ski Rixen Cable Park at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, FL.

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Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-002 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-003
Ski Rixen is a "cable park" that allows water sports enthusiasts to practice wakeboarding, water skiing, kneeboarding, or wakeskating without the use of a motorboat.

The concept of "cable skiing" originated in Germany where over fifty active cables are in use. Of the less than fifteen cable parks in the United States, Ski Rixen USA is the longest standing.

Ski Rixen USA is located within Quiet Waters Park in Broward County at 401 South Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442. The friendly and helpful staff can be reached by phone at (954) 429-0215 or by fax at (954) 429-1650.

The park is open every day, except for Tuesdays, from 10 AM to 7 PM in the summer and 12 PM to 6 PM in the winter.

During weekends and holidays, the entrance fee for Quiet Waters Park is $1.50 per person with plenty of free parking.

Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-004 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-005 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-006
The costs to get out on the water are $18 for an hour ski pass, $23 for two hours, $30 for four hours, and $38 for an all day pass. Every ski pass includes a safety video screening, basic instructions, a bright yellow helmet , a life jacket, and unlimited use of the kneeboards, water skis, slalom skis, or wake skates.
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-007 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-008 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-009
Upgrading to the ski pass that includes wakeboard rentals costs $28 for 1 hour, $33 for 2 hours, $50 for four hours, or $68 for all day. New visitors need to complete at least one full lap on the kneeboard before they can graduate to the wakeboard.
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-010 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-011 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-012
Children 12 years of age or older are allowed to participate at Ski Rixen with a release of liability signed by a parent or legal guardian. There are no lifeguards on duty so it is imperative that every child has basic swimming skills and wears a lifejacket.
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-013 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-014 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-015
Groups of at least 15 people can take advantage of discounted rates of $18 per person for a 2 hour basic ski pass, $25 for four hours, or $33 for all day. Your group, of up to 20 people, can have exclusive use of the cable way for $375 per two hour session. Each additional person is just another $5 added to the total.
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-016 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-017 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-018
Some of the other options available include private lessons, VIP Passes (to skip the line), short line training, and air trick clinics. Be sure to bring cash since Ski Rixen USA only accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards for transactions over $50.
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-019 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-020 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-021

Some notable wakeboarding athletes that have trained at Ski Rixen USA include Rob Mapp, Shannon Best, Donald Shelbrick, Marc Schuster, Diego Shaw, and Jimmy LaRiche.

Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-022 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-023 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-024
If you'd like to buy your own gear, visit the well equipped pro shop at Ski Rixen USA. A few of the top watersports brands available for sale are Ten-80, Jet Pilot, Nevin, Gath, Ronix Wakeboards, Oakley, Liquid Force, O'Neil, Hyperlite, Pro-Tec Helmets, and Straight Line.


Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-025 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-026 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-027
Ski Rixen USA is the only cable park in South Florida but there are others in Florida such as Revolution Cable (North Ft. Myers), Orlando Watersports Complex, and McCormicks Cable Park (Tampa).
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-028 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-029 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-030
The few other cable parks in the United States are KC Watersports in Kansas, the Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels, the Central Oklahoma Wakeboarding Center in Guthrie, and Wake Nation in Ohio.
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-032 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-033
In between taking pictures of the wakeboarders and kneeboarders, I also captured a few video clips with my Canon S5 IS digital camera. I edited together these clips into a short video that runs about two minutes long, has a file size of 32 MB and is encoded in the Windows Media Video (WMV) format. To view the video, click on the link below. To download the file to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Ski Rixen USA - Wakeboarding & Kneeboarding Video Clip

Water Skiing
Jumping Ramp
Catching Air Upside Down
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-037 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-038 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-039
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-040 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-041
Swinging Through Corner
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-043 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-044 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-045
Launching Off Obstacle
Wakeboard Stunt
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-049 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-050 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-051
Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-052 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-053 Ski-Rixen-Quiet-Waters-Park-Deerfield-Beach-FL-054

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