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Red Bull Flugtag - Bayfront Park Miami
Pictures,  a video clip & visitor information from the 2010 Red Bull Flugtag event held at Bayfront Park in Miami, FL.

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Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-001 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-002 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-003
For years, I've been seeing the Red Bull Flugtag commercials on TV and have been wanting to experience this unique event in person.

I finally made that happen this summer when the Red Bull Flugtag homemade flying device competition made a tour stop at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami on July 10th, 2010.

The first flight was scheduled for 12 noon with the last flight taking place at around 2 PM. We had to park about five blocks away from Bayfront Park since we didn't arrive until just before noon.

There were already about 85,000+ people packed into the park and the Bayside Mall next door.

Luckily, we were able to find a decent spot with a good view of the Red Bull Jumbotron TV screen and a partial view of the actual runway.

Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-004 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-005 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-006
There were 35 teams competing for the favor of the celebrity judges including Y100 DJ Ninalicia Osorio, Red Bull Air Force Skyaker Miles Daisher, model Patricia De Leon, Red Bull pilots Kirby Chambliss and Chuck Aaron, and artist David Batard.
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-007 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-008 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-009
Most of the teams originated from various areas of Florida with a few coming from other parts of the Southeastern USA.

They had humorous names such as Mullet Slappers, Team Space Bat, The Burger Mobile, The Flying Manatee, Rubber Ducky, Shell Shocked, and Team Space Bat.

Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-010 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-011 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-012
I captured some video clips of the Red Bull Flugtag teams launching from the runway and edited them together into a short movie.

To view the video, click on the link below. Right click on the link and choose "Save As" or "Save Target As" to save it to your hard drive.

Red Bull Flugtag 2010 Video Clip - Bayfront Park - Miami, FL

Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-013 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-014 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-015
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-016 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-017 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-018
Massive Pizza
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-020 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-021
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-022 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-023 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-024
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-025 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-026 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-027
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-028 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-029 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-030
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-031 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-032 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-033
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-034 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-035 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-036

Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-037 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-038
Miami Heat Tribute Team
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-040 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-041
Skydiving Stunt Man
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-043 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-044 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-045
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-046 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-047 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-048
Spectator Boats
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-049 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-050 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-051
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-052 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-053 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-054
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-055 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-056 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-057
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-058 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-059 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-060
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-061 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-062 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-063
If you're interested in going to a Red Bull Flugtag event, there's a good chance that one will take place near you in the future.

Past and future competitions have taken place in across the USA in places like Long Beach, Twin Cities, Philadelphia, Austin, New York, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Tempe, Portland, San Francisco, and Nashville.

Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-064 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-065 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-066
Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-067 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-068 Red-Bull-Flugtag-2010-Bayfront-Park-Miami-FL-069
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