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Playa Ensenada - San Carlos, Panama
Pictures, a video clip & visitor info from a trip to Ensenada Beach located in San Carlos, Panama, Central America.

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Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-001 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-002 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-003
One day during our trip to Panama City, we decided to drive out to the Pacific coast of Panama to check out the beaches.

The first beach we visited was Playa Ensenada located in the fishing village of San Carlos.

There wasn't much to see, but it was a peaceful beach with gentle surf and a few picturesque fishing boats pulled up on the sand.

After Playa Ensenada, we drove a short distance north to Nueva Gorgona to see Playa Gorgona.

If you're a seafood lover, this is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner. Many of the restaurants in the town and near the Pan American Highway seemed to feature fresh fish on the menu.

Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-004 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-005 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-006
Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-007 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-008 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-009
During our visit to Playa Ensenada, I captured a short video clip of the beach. To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Playa Ensenada Video - San Carlos, Panama

Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-010 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-011 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-012

Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-013 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-014 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-015
Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-016 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-017 Playa-Ensenada-San-Carlos-Panama-018
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