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Palm Beach Zoo At Dreher Park - West Palm Beach, FL
Pictures and a video clip from a visit to the Palm Beach Zoo At Dreher Park located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Interactive Play Fountain

Australia, Asia, Americas

White Alligator

The "Palm Beach Zoo At Dreher Park" is located at 1301 Summit Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33405. It's open every day (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Although the Palm Beach Zoo is much smaller than the massive Miami MetroZoo, it has a great collection of animals and activities.

There are about 1,700 unique animal species spread out across the Palm Beach Zoo's 23 acres of property just east of I-95 and just south of the Palm Beach International (PBI) airport.

Since we're members of the Zoological Society of Florida (ZSF) through the Miami MetroZoo, we paid 50% to enter the Palm Beach Zoo.

The normal admission prices are $12.95 for adults, and $8.95 for seniors (60+) or children (3-12). It's a bargain for a day of fun.

Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-004 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-005 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-006
To learn more about the animals, you can attend any of the long list of daily activities. Just a few of them are the Wings Over Water Show, Jaguar Talk, African Serval Encounter, Black Bear Training, Wild Things Show, Digsite Encounter, Bush Dog Conversation Talk, Snake Encounter, and the American Alligator Encounter.
Komodo Dragon
Palm Beach Zoo Walkway
Binturong Sign
Some of the features of the Palm Beach Zoo include the Interactive Play Fountain for kids, the Animal Contact Yard, the Wildlife Carousel, the Florida Pioneer House, the Mayan Hut, the Mayan Pyramid, and the Tropics Cafe.
Iguana & Turtle
Orange & Yellow Iguana
Siamang Monkey Island
One of the best way to see the animals at their most active is to visit during feeding time. The staff at the Palm Beach Zoo have a schedule for feedings the Flamingos, the Aldabra Tortoises, the Pelicans, the Primates, the Broad-Snouted Caiman, the Black Howler Monkeys, the Pantanals, the Capybaras, and the Siamang apes. There are also a few feed dispensing machines located throughout the park for feeding the waterfowl and turtles.
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-013 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-014
Siamang Ape
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-016 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-017 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-018
Green Iguana Head
One of my favorite parts about visiting the Palm Beach Zoo is encountering the multitude of large Green Iguanas that wander freely around the park. They can be seen resting on tree branches, climbing through bushes, scurrying up bamboo trees and sunning themselves on the fence posts. They are very tame so it's easy to get close and snap some great pictures.
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-019 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-020 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-021
Scarlet Macaw
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-022 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-023
Two-Toed Sloth
Red-ruffed Lemur
White Swan
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-028 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-029
Mallard Duck
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-031 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-032 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-033
Cotton Top Tamarin
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-034 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-035 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-036

Royal Blue Peacock
Peacock Feather Display
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-041 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-042
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-043 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-044
Red Kangaroo
Tiger Falls
Tiger Waterfalls Enclosure
Tiger Hindquarters
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-049 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-050 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-051
Aldabra Tortoise
Aldabra Tortoise Head
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-053 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-054
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-055 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-056
Green Iguana Face
Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-058 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-059 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-060
During this visit to the Palm Beach Zoo, I also captured a few short video clips of the animals in action with my Canon S5 IS. To view the video, click on the link below. It's encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 3 minutes long and has a file size of 53 MB. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Palm Beach Zoo Animals Video Clip - West Palm Beach, FL

Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-061 Palm-Beach-Zoo-At-Dreher-Park-062
White & Red Isis Bird
Mallard Duck
Florida Cooter Turtle
White Peacock Mating Display

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