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New York Thanksgiving 2004
Pictures from my family's Thanksgiving day celebration in Long Island New York & my uncle's German Shepherd.

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For Thanksgiving 2004, my family flew to New York City to spend the holiday with my uncle and cousin. My uncle is a German Shepherd enthusiast and show dog trainer.

He has raised or adopted many German Shepherd puppies and full grown adult dogs, including a rare albino looking white German Shepherd named Snoopy.

My uncle's house is located in New Hyde Park which is a suburb on Long Island. We flew into LaGuardia airport rather than Kennedy since it was a bit closer to his house.

When we arrived the weather in Manhattan and the rest of the city was quite cold and rainy.

Then on Thanksgiving day the sun came out and it was perfect weather for going outside in my uncle's back yard and throwing around the tennis ball with his pure breed German Shepherd named "Gina".


New-York-Thanksgiving-04 New-York-Thanksgiving-05 New-York-Thanksgiving-06
Wall of Dog Show Awards

As you can see from the pictures, my uncle and his well trained German Shepherds have won many awards from AKC and other dog show events all across the Eastern seaboard of the United States.

Thanksgiving Dining Table
New-York-Thanksgiving-08 New-York-Thanksgiving-09
Even More Dog Show Awards

New-York-Thanksgiving-10 New-York-Thanksgiving-11 New-York-Thanksgiving-12
I didn't take any actual pictures of our tasty Thanksgiving turkey or the rest of the meal, since I was employed as my cousin's sous chef. He had me cutting up cranberries, creating simple solution sauces, and preparing the squashes for his cinnamon butter squash dessert recipe. Gina, the constantly hungry German Shepherd, was always watching intently as we cooked, waiting for any treat to drop from the counter.
Cold, But No Snow
Pure Breed German Shepherd
Playing Fetch With Gina

It was a fun Thanksgiving trip to NYC, but I wish that the weather had been less rainy the first day and I had been hoping to see snow. I'm a South Florida kind of guy. I like warm weather and shy away from climates with freezing temperatures, so when I do go somewhere cold, I want to see some damn snow!

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