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N:Vision CFL Light Bulb Warranty Experience
A consumer's review of the warranty experience when exchanging a defective N:Vision compact fluorescent light bulb.

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N:Vision CFL Bulb

Burned Out Ballast

Home Depot Receipt

I bought a variety of N:Vision brand "CFL" (Compact Fluorescent) light bulbs at The Home Depot back in September of 2007.

I chose the 14 Watt Soft White N:Vision (60W Incandescent Equivalent) bulbs for the majority of our home, a few 23W (100W Equivalent) for the master bathroom, and one 32W (150W) bulb.

About a year later, the 32W 3-Way (150 Watt Equivalent) bulb stopped working.

All the other bulbs are still working great for almost two years now.

I knew that the N:Vision CFL bulbs all come with a 9 (nine) year warranty so I had saved the receipt and the original packaging.

To initiate a warranty request, you can either call or go online.

150W 3-Way Packaging
Free Replacement Bulb
100% Customer Satisfaction
I opted to use the N:Vision website which was very easy to navigate.

To get started, I clicked on the "Warranty Information" link located near the bottom of the navigation bar on the left hand side of the home page.

Then I clicked on the "Warranty Requests" button at the top right hand side of the warranty information page. I filled out the contact information, purchase information, product information and then clicked on the "Submit" button.

If you'd rather call N:Vision's customer service phone number, the toll free 1-800 # can be found on the ballast (base) of every one of their CFL bulbs.

UPS Package
Technical Consumer Products
New 32W Three Way
In just a little over a week, I received a package via UPS from "Technical Consumer Products" located at 325 Campus Drive, Aurora OH 44202. Inside the box was a brand new N:Vision 32W (150 Watt Incandescent Equivalent) 3-Way Compact Fluorescent bulb.

The entire N:Vision warranty exchange experience was fast and very easy. The hardest part was finding the Home Depot receipt and packaging that I had stuffed into a filing cabinet.

Now that Home Depot has a CFL recycling program, I'll be dropping off the old burned out compact fluorescent bulb on my next visit to the store. Since each of the CFL bulbs contain a very small amount of Mercury (less than 5mg) they should be recycled rather than thrown in the trash where the mercury might find its way into the ground water supply.

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