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Mounts Botanical Garden - West Palm Beach, FL
Pictures from a visit to the Mounts Botanical Garden located at 559 North Military Trail in Palm Beach County Florida.

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UF IFAS Extension
Landscaped Parking Lot
Mounts Admin. Building
The Mounts Botanical Garden is the largest and oldest public garden in Palm Beach County with 14 acres of plants, trees and flowers originating from 6 continents.

Admission into the gardens is free but a $5.00 donation per person is suggested. Alternatively, you could purchase something in the "Garden Shop" as a way of showing your support.

Mounts Botanical Garden is located at 559 N. Military Trail in West Palm Beach (FL 33415). The hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on Monday through Saturday and from 12 PM to 4 PM on Sundays. The administration's phone # is (561) 233-1749.

We discovered the Mounts garden on the American Horticultural Society's list of "Reciprocal Gardens", which we received after joining as members to the Fairchild Garden in Coral Gables.


Garden Entrance Way


Sidewalk & Garden Shop
Contained within the Mounts Botanical Garden's fourteen acres are 18 plant collections, and over 2,000 species. Some of the collections include the tropical fruits, North American trees, the aquatics, arid desert plants, herbs, citrus trees, palm trees and exotic flowers.
Green Park Benches
Mulch Walkway
Pink Carnation
A few of the featured plants in bloom during our visit were the Heliconia, African Iris, Angel Mist Bamboo, Clerorendum, Herald's Trumpet, Tithonia, Strangler Fig, Brugmansia flowers, Jacobinia (a.k.a. Brazilian Plume) and begonias.
Mounts-Botanical-Garden-010 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-011 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-012
We paid $80 for our two person annual membership to the Fairchild Botanical Garden down in the Coral Gables suburb of Miami. It was well worth the price since it allowed us to visit the Fairchild on multiple occasions and several other South Florida attractions for free. I think next year we'll switch and sign up as members to the Mounts garden since the "Family" (two adults & children under 18) membership is only $50 per year. A membership to any garden that participates in the American Horticultural Society's "Reciprocal Garden" program grants you free or discounted admission to over 200 attractions across the USA, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Mounts-Botanical-Garden-013 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-014 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-015
Brugmansia Flower
Fertile Black Soil
Mounts-Botanical-Garden-017 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-018
Atala Close-up Picture
When we walked close to these large shrubs, I saw that it was covered with Florida Atala butterflies that weren't spooked at all by my camera as I took a few close up pictures of their black, red and blue spotted wings. We also saw a crane, other butterfly species, several unidentified birds and a large green iguana while exploring the Mounts Gardens.
Mounts-Botanical-Garden-019 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-020
Black, Red, Blue Spots
Pink Flower Buds
Mounts-Botanical-Garden-022 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-023
Florida Atala Butterfly
Semi-Arid Desert Plants
The Mounts Botanical Garden hosts a variety of symposiums and gardening workshops that touch on topics including photography, landscape design, yard maintenance, Tai Chi, orchid cultivation, hibiscus care, tropical gardening, photo contests, beguiling begonias, beekeeping, and wine. 
Brain Cactus
Wavy Cactus
One of the most popular series of events held at the Mounts are the "Stories In The Garden" readings for children offered in partnership with the Palm Beach County public library. A few of the other events hosted each year are the Fall Family Festival, two annual plant sales, member breakfasts, plant auctions, and the Tropical Fruit Festival, the Annual Spring Benefit, the Connoisseur garden tour, and the Fruit & Spice Park Redland Summer Fruit Festival.
Prickly Pear Cactus
Spiny Cactus Paddles
Cactus Spines

Shearouse Scultpure
Bright Green Grass
Tiny Purple Flowers
If you're interested in joining a gardening club there are a few of them that have regular meetings at the Mounts garden such as the American Hibiscus Society (Sunrise Chapter), the Begonia Society of the Palm Beaches, the Boca Raton Bromeliad Society, the Boca Raton Orchid Society, the Bonsai Society of the Palm Beaches, the Evening Herb Society, the Florida Native Plant Society, the Greater Palm Beach Rose Society, the Rare Fruit Council International, the American Bamboo Society, and the Tropical Flower Tree Society of Palm Beach County.
Date Palm - Red Fruit
Community Donations '87
Light Purple Flower
The Mounts garden can host your special occasion such as weddings, birthdays, business functions or other ceremonies for just $250. But keep in mind that the garden is open to the public at all times. The gazebo area does offer some privacy and room for 50+ guest chairs.
Deep Red Flower
Tea & Herb Garden
Pink 5 Petal Flower
Mounts-Botanical-Garden-040 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-041 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-042
Palm Trees
Hoffinger Bridge
Martin & Lorraine 1987
Mounts-Botanical-Garden-046 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-047
Palm Trees
Mounts-Botanical-Garden-049 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-050
Bright Speckled Bushes
Lake Orth
Young Palm Trees
Mounts-Botanical-Garden-053 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-054
Balancing Rock Sculpture
Mounts-Botanical-Garden-056 Mounts-Botanical-Garden-057
Palm Bush

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