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Majesty of the Seas Cruise Ship
Pictures of a Royal Caribbean cruise liner from Miami to the Bahamas including Fort Fincastle & the Nassau Pirate Museum.

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Port of Miami
Departing South Florida
Port of Nassau
We were initially attracted to a cruise on the Majesty of the Seas by the low price of about $200 per person.

This Sovereign class ship owned by the Royal Caribbean International cruise lines company was christened in 1992 by Queen Sonja of Norway. Since then it has undergone a $35 million dollar renovation process to update the amenities and decorations.

The Majesty of the Seas was scheduled to leave from the Port of Miami and cruise to Nassau Bahamas, Coco Cay (a private island) and Key west.

Once I parked the car at a cost of $12.00 per day in the Port of Miami garage, we got in line to check in, drop off our bags and get our "Sail Pass" card.

To simplify things for the staff and the close to 3,000 passengers, the Sail Pass (a.k.a. Sea Pass) card is your room key, credit card and identification.

Majesty of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International

As usual, our room wasn't ready yet so we went for a walk around the main deck to check out the recent thirty five million dollar renovations that were made to the Majesty of the Seas. Our "welcome aboard photo" came out nice but I thought it was a bit overpriced at $20.00. Shortly after getting into our room, which was small but adequate, we had to go out on deck for the "Muster Drill" to have all the passengers accounted for with their life jackets on.

Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-007 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-008 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-009
When we arrived in Nassau, our first planned excursion was a free tour of Fort Fincastle which is located at the top of the Queen's Staircase. The fort was built in 1793 by Lord Dunmore at a strategic point on the island to defend against invaders and pirates. The few cannons, a water tower and a light house up on Bennet's Hill are a few of the tourist attractions at Fort Fincastle.
Water Tower
Cruise Ships Docked
Since Bennet's Hill is one of the highest places in Nassau you can see "The Bridge Suite" at the Atlantis Resort through the trees. The Bridge Suite is the world's most expensive hotel room at about $25,000 per night and it connects the two Royal Tower buildings. It features ten rooms, two master bathrooms, a kitchen with butler, bar, lounge, a high tech entertainment center and has a magnificent view of the resort and luxury yachts in the marina. I saw a show on the Travel Channel that toured the most luxurious hotel suites in the world and the Atlantis Bridge Suite came in number one place.
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-013 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-014
Watch Tower
Atlantis Bridge Suite
After some more sightseeing and shopping in Nassau we went boarded the Majesty of the Seas to relax and take advantage of the amenities. Some of the attractions on this mega sized Sovereign class Royal Caribbean International cruise ship are the nine bars, themed clubs, discos, the rock climbing wall, a basketball court, a casino, two pools, Jacuzzis, a boutique shopping area, the spa, fitness center, massage rooms, kids game room, library, teen disco night club, sports desk and the computer room. Make sure you keep track of the charges you make on your Sail Pass card because they can rack up quickly with all the pay to play activities that are available on the Majesty of the Seas. Also keep in mind that a 15% automatic gratuity (tip) is added to any bar tab or wine order.
Fort Fincastle
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-017 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-018
Stray Dog Relaxing
The Queens Staircase
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-022 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-023
Cascading Water
Some of the other destinations that the Royal Caribbean International Cruise Lines company travels to include Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Bermuda, Canada, New England USA, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Cozumel Mexico, the Panama Canal, and South America.
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-025 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-026 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-027
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-028 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-029 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-030
Nassau Yacht Harbor
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-031 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-032 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-033
Carnival Cruise Lines Ships
Practicing Soccer
Bahamas Lighthouse
Pirate Ship Replica
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-038 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-039
The Pirates of Nassau Museum charged $12.00 for each adult to enter and that includes one free child per paying parent. The museum has a replica pirate ship, typical scenes from a pirate's life and also a collection of historical artifacts.
Black Powder Pistols
Pirates of Nassau Museum
Ship's Store Room
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-043 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-044
Ship's Doctor Stitching Wound
Beach Campfire
Spit Roasting Fish
Lonely Pirate
Motivational Pirate Speech
Museum Tour Guide
Pirate in Prison
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-053 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Cruise-Pictures-054
Unfortunately, I left my camera on board in our stateroom when we went onshore to Coco Cay, which is a private island owned by the Royal Caribbean Intl. company. Coco Cay had fine white sand beaches, snorkeling, parasailing, a barbecue buffet and other activities. When the Majesty of the Seas docked in Key West we stayed aboard and enjoyed the calm on the ship when most of the other passengers went ashore. I'd recommend that everyone go on a cruise at least once but not for more than a few days at a time. We also went on a Cozumel Mexico Carnival Cruise a few years ago which was lots of fun.
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