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John D. MacArthur Beach State Park - North Palm Beach, FL
Pictures and visitor info from a trip to John D. MacArthur Beach State Park located in North Palm Beach, Florida.

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Nature Center Entrance
Friends of MacArthur

Sea Turtle Aquarium
John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is located at 10900 Jack Nicklaus Dr. (A1A), North Palm Beach, FL 33408. The staff can be reached by phone at (561) 624-6950.

The park's admission fee is just $5.00 per vehicle with a maximum of eight people. A single occupant vehicle or motorcycles pay $4.00. The cost for pedestrians or bicyclists is $2.00 each.

Like all Florida state parks, John D. MacArthur is open to the public from 8 AM until sunset every day of the year including holidays.

Some of the park's features include a 4,000 square foot nature center, a 1,600 foot boardwalk that goes over Lake Worth Cove, a small amphitheater, a pristine beach, kayak rentals, a gift shop, a passenger tram service, and camping areas.

Nature Trail Walkway
Inside Nature Center
Tropical Fish Aquariums
There are a wide variety of recreational opportunities at John D. MacArthur Beach State Park such as kayaking, camping, fishing (license required), snorkeling, scuba diving, sunbathing, bicycling, running, jogging, bird watching, wildlife viewing, canoeing, picnicking, and surfing.
Florida King Snake
Snake Information Sign
Bright Yellow Fish

The 225 acre park's most commonly seen wildlife includes butterflies, hummingbirds, sea turtles, herons, ibis, osprey, fiddler crabs, roseate spoonbills, brown pelicans, terns, sea gulls and sandpipers. The mix of tropical hammock, coastal hammock and mangrove forest environments on the barrier island create an ideal habitat for an eclectic collection of local species.

John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-010 John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-011 John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-012
Horseshoe Crab Walking
Rat Snake
Rat Snake Information Sign
Gift Shop Entrance
John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-017 John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-018
Tram Pick Up Point
John D. MacArthur Statue
1,600 Foot Boardwalk

Lake Worth Cove
John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-023 John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-024
Calm Waters For Kayaking
Palm Beach Condo Buildings
John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-026 John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-027
John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-028 John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-029
Boardwalk To Beach
The sign in the picture below, titled "Revelations of a Rock Reef", lists the marine residents of a Rock Reef. They include Banded Butterflyfish, Bar Jack, Barracuda, Blue Angelfish, Bluehead, Blue Tang, Chub, French Angelfish, Goatfish, Grunt, Guitarfish, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Lobster, Black Margate, Chain Moray Eel, Nurse Shark, Octopus, Porcupinefish, Porkfish, Rock Beauty, Scorpionfish, Sergeant Major, Silver Porgy, Southern Stingray, Sharptail Eel, Stoplight Parrotfish, Tarpon, Wrasse, and Yellow Stingray.
John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-031 John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-032
Sea Turtle Season = Seaweed
Rock Reef Creatures

We visited John D. MacArthur Beach State Park during early November which is close to the end of South Florida's sea turtle season. During sea turtle season, early May to late October, Florida's beaches aren't cleared of accumulated seaweed to avoid disturbing any of the sea turtle nests buried in the sand. There were over 1,200 nests at John D. MacArthur Beach Sate Park last season.

John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-034 John-D-MacArthur-Beach-State-Park-North-Palm-Beach-FL-035
Nature Trail
Zebra Butterfly
Red Berries
Steps To Beach
Boardwalk Down To Beach
White Sand & Blue Water

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