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Pictures from a driving tour of the University of Florida campus located in Gainesville, FL within Alachua County.

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In the pictures at the top of this page, we were driving up the hill on SW 13th St. past Reid and Yulee Halls towards the Warrington College of Business.

For my first two years as a student at UF, I lived in "The Courtyards" apartments located on SW 13th right across from Tigert Hall and the College of Fine Arts.

I never wanted to live in the dorms. Everyone says that it's such a great experience because of all the people you meet and the friends that you make.

That might be true about the dormitories, but any apartment complex or building has almost the same social benefits with private bedrooms and bathrooms.

Reid & Yulee Hall Dorms
College of Fine Arts
Tigert Hall
University-of-Florida-Gainesville-45 University-of-Florida-Gainesville-46
UF Visitor Information
Kangaroo Gas Station

Florida Book Store (FBS)
Gators Plus Strip Mall
UF Plaza
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
"The Swamp"

Gainesville Florida May 2006 Main Menu

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