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Florida Caverns State Park - Marianna, FL
Pictures & visitor information from a trip inside the caves of the Florida Caverns State Park located in Marianna, FL.

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Florida Caverns State Park

Visitor Center

CCC Worker 1933-1942

The Florida Caverns State Park is located at 3345 Caverns Road, Marianna, FL 32446. You can reach a park ranger by phone at 850-482-9598. Visitor hours are from 8:00 AM to sunset.

Guided tours of the caves are one of the most popular activities at this 1,300 acre wildlife sanctuary and recreational area situated on the Florida Panhandle.

The underground cave tours last about 45 minutes and do require a bit of athleticism due to the stairs, low ceilings and slippery surfaces. The caverns tour is unavailable on Tuesdays and Wednesday to reduce the wear on this popular attraction.

It was $4.00 per vehicle to enter the park and then another $8.00 per adult for the guided cave tour. Campsites are available for $17 per night. Horses are welcome with proof of a current Coggins Test and a fee of $6 per animal. Visitors who arrive on foot or on a bicycle must pay $1.00 per person.

CCC Worker Statue
Guided Tours Information
Bat House Sign
Some of the other recreational opportunities at the Florida Caverns State Park include hiking, bicycle trails, horseback riding trails, scenic nature trails, the Blue Hole Spring swimming area, fishing (Florida fishing license required), picnicking, camping and canoeing on the Chipola River. Canoes and horse stables are available for rent
Bat House & Light Post
Rectangular Bat House
Tour Departure Point
The Florida State Caverns Park has a concessions building with refreshments, souvenirs, restrooms, trail maps, and equipment rentals. Also available on the grounds are showers, a playground, a boat launch ramp, picnic shelters, a public telephone, campsites, and youth camping areas.
Visitor Center Bathrooms
Visitor Center Front Patio
Early Inhabitants Sign
Well behaved dogs are welcome at the Florida State Caverns Park in designated areas and must be kept on a 6 foot leash at all times.
Artificial Cavern Wall Model
Native Indians Display
The Chatot Native Peoples
New Deal Era History
Fragile Cave Life
Aerial Picture of Park
Blossoms & Butterflies
Varied Natural Habitats
Florida Cave Bats Sign
Park Orientation Map
NW Florida State Parks
Trees Near Visitor Center

There are ten unique natural habitats or "communities" contained within the 1,300 acre park such as the upland hardwood fores, upland glade, upland mixed forest, floodplain forest, floodplain swamp, alluvial stream, spring run stream, terrestial cave, and aquatic cave.
Stalagmites - Cave Floor
Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-026 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-027
Stalactites - Cave Ceiling
A "stalagmite" is a collection of calcite deposits that form on the cave floor when water drips down from the ceiling. A "stalactite" looks like an icicle and it forms when calcite drips through a hole in the rock creating rings of deposit that eventually becomes a solid spike. Other formations that form include draperies, flowstones, columns, rimstone pools, and soda straws. It takes about a century for just one cubic inch of a calcite formation to develop.
Limestone Foundation
Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-029 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-030
Stone Brick Building
The trees in the Florda Caverns State Park weren't in bloom since we visited during the winter. Some of the most common trees seen in the park are Florida Elms, southern magnolias, bald cypress tupelos, swamp chestnut oaks, white ash, American beech, black walnuts and needle palms.
Tour Guide Leading
45 Steps To Caverns
Cave Entrance & Side Trail
Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-034 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-035 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-036
Thick Calcite Column
A few of the creatures that call these caverns home include three species of bats, cave salamanders, blind cave crayfish, cave crickets, woodrats, spiders, and slimy salamanders. We were lucky enough to see several bats including a couple that was mating on the ceiling of the cave.
Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-037 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-038 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-039
Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-040 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-041 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-042
"Draperies" Formations
Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-044 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-045
"Wedding Cake" Formation
Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-047 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-048
Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-049 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-050 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-051
Low Ceiling
Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-052 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-053 Florida-Caverns-State-Park-Marianna-FL-054

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