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Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera Review
A consumer's opinion of the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera including product pictures and sample images.

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Frustration Free Packaging

Kid Tough Digital Camera

1.5" Color LCD Screen

This Fisher Price "Kid-Tough" digital camera is a gift for an aspiring young photographer.

He had recently taken an interest in my Canon SD700 IS and was taking pictures on his own within a few minutes. He's still too young for a "real" digital camera, which is far too fragile to withstand drops from a toddler's height.

We saw a TV commercial for the Fisher Price "Kid-Tough" digital camera and thought it would be a great way for him to learn the basic fundamentals of photography.

The camera was purchased from for about $50 with free shipping included. It arrived in Amazon's "Frustration Free Packaging."

Inside the box was the Fisher Price Kid Tough digital camera, a standard USB cable, and an instruction manual.

Top of Camera
Front of Camera
Bottom of Camera

The Fisher Price Kid-Tough digital camera seems very solid and well built. It has a hard plastic body and thick rubber hand grips that protect the entire camera from drops or any other sort of impact.

USB Cable & Battery Holder
Ceiling Fan
Lamp, Cell Phone & PDA
The camera features a 0.3 mp (megapixel) sensor, 640x480 resolution, 64 MB (megabytes) of internal flash memory (enough for about 500 images), a 2 eye viewfinder, a 1.5 inch color LCD preview screen, a built in flash, and a waterproof locking battery/USB access panel. The Fisher Price website claims that the camera is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 3 feet of water.
Toshiba Laptop
Canon Camera, No Flash
Canon Camera, w/ Flash
I loaded in 4 AAA batteries and went around the house taking pictures to test the image quality of the Fisher Price Kid Tough digital camera. The camera is relatively light and the rubber grips felt comfortable to hold with one or two hands. It felt a bit strange using the two eye viewfinder but that's only because I'm so accustomed to using a traditional viewfinder. Some children may opt to use the 1.5" LCD screen to frame their pictures, which looks a bit washed out but definitely usable.


Small Painting
Cookies On Tray
Quaker Oats Box w/ Flash
All of the buttons on the back of the camera are very easy to push unlike the shutter button which is located on the front of the camera next to the right eye viewfinder. I think the shutter button should have been placed on the top of the camera like almost every digital camera. I'm also perplexed as to why Fisher Price chose to make the shutter button so small and difficult to push. It must have been necessary to preserve the camera's durability. Most kids probably won't have a problem pushing it.
Quaker Oats, No Flash
Palm Tree Fronds

As you can see from the sample pictures, the Fisher Price Kid Tough digital camera doesn't have the best image quality but young children will never know the difference. The pictures look like they came from a $15-$30 computer webcam, which is just about right for a children's toy at this price point.

Tree Canopy
Palm Tree & Roof Tiles
Overall, I think the Fisher Price Kid-Tough digital camera is an excellent way to introduce kids to the basics of picture taking. The camera is so durable that it could easily be passed down to younger siblings and provide enjoyment for several years. I'd recommend that parents invest in a set of rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries and a charger to keep the fun going without wasting money on standard alkaline batteries.

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